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  1. Hello everyone. After fishing the CT River for many years I decided to target Carp for the first time this year. I attended the North American Carp Conference in April. Talking with the vendors, presenters and other CAG members was very helpful to make sense of the enormous amount of tackle, techniques and gear available in the carp fishing world. The best advice I got was "keep it simple". I purchased some pre-rigged setups from The Fishin Factory III booth and some Carp Maxx baits to get me started. I rigged up my striper/inshore fishing gear in a similar way that I have used for many years. I fish from my boat, so I know many spots in the river that hold carp (pretty much every spot). I have had great success all season. I am amazed at the fight these fish put up especially in the big river current. I fish for Carp most of the time now. I have modified my tactics over the season. I now tie my own hair rigs and make my own baits. I find that making my rigs and bait add to the enjoyment of the sport. Getting into Carp fishing can seem very confusing. "Keep it simple". Use the gear you have (make sure it is heavy enough for a hard battle), pick up some hair rigs and a bait tool and get your line wet. You will be surprised at the results. As you gain experience and confidence you can add and/or modify equipment and techniques to best suit your situation. I have attached a couple of pictures I took from my Saturday morning 3 hour session. I often fish alone, and I am still working on my camera setup. These two were 16.5 lbs. and my PB 19.05 lbs respectively. I hope to break 25 pounds this year. Great Fun!!! Catch a Carp. Wicked
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