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  1. Do you have open water, and can you catch carp this time of year on Long Island?
  2. Wow, that's a lot of rod! It must be tough netting a carp with a rod that long when you are by yourself.
  3. Ah, Geritol is the answer my friend. (Apologies to you youngsters. If you don't remember Lawrence Welk, you won't remember Geritol). Your local senior center has bulk sales several times a year. No need to worry, though, until adult Pampers are on the horizon. <:///><
  4. I agree with Alan. They do feel different. And they are noisy - the one I have creaks when playing a fish, which always makes me nervous. I'm never sure how much creaking it's going to take before something lets go. I've also had the tip section "re-telescope" while playing a fish. My opinion is they might be fine for regular fishing, but not for carp.
  5. I'll second that! This is interesting. I gave boilies a fair try years ago and in addition to finding them a nuisance to make or expensive to buy, I caught few fish on them. So I've stuck with my dough baits and corn and done well. Mario's article is rekindling my interest in boilies and I will give them another shot come spring. <:///><
  6. Congratulations to all the members who got out there on the first, and actually caught some fish. There were some real beauties. I enjoyed the pictures of the commons, koi, mirrors, and Amy's striking virtual ghost carp. But all of us weren't as lucky, and here's a thread where we can check in and say we at least went out and tried our best. Not to mention getting to record our first Blank of 2020. I went to two spots and found them completely iced in, in spite of several days of above freezing temperatures and rain. The third spot was open and looked good from the road, so I parked and carried all my stuff down to the edge of the bank. When I looked over the guard rail I saw I had a four foot strip of ice extending out from shore. I had gone this far, and figured I could somehow get a fish in my net, so I went down and set up. But I didn't have to worry about netting any fish. After several hours of sitting on a pail, trying some different baits and distances, and emptying my thermos of coffee, I decided to call it a day, and go home and check in here to see who was actually able to catch a carp on New Years. And even though I forgot my hot seat for the pail, it was a fun session, and I'm glad I went.
  7. That's a nice fish. How much did it weigh?
  8. Mario's 'boilie calculator' is listed by SoCalCarper, in Carp Baits. The thread is 'boilie calculator, by John Slayton, 8/22/16. Hope this is what you are looking for.
  9. I would try it in the summer, but would probably get my robe all wet. <:///><
  10. Kirk, You have to about the most motivated angler on here, not to mention inspirational!! 'Wish I lived in a 'warm water state'. I can walk on the water around here now. 'Hope you had a merry Christmas too, (and had enough time to open up some presents after fishing). <:///><
  11. Hi Earl, Welcome to our Carp Anglers Group of bankside addicts. And I don't use the term addiction lightly. To get started you don't need to spend a lot of money right off the bat. The long carp rods are nice, as are the bait runner reels, the rod pods, the electric bite alarms, and so on. But to just get started, use your heaviest bass rods and reels with 10 or 12 pound test line. Cut some forked sticks around 2 feet, two for each rod (so you can set up your rod horizontally). The basics would be some #2 and #4 hooks, egg sinkers and bank sinkers of different weights (especially if you'll be fishing in rivers), swivels, a decent set of scales, a big net, a baiting needle, nail clippers to cut mono, long nosed pliers, a sling shot for baiting, a good hook disgorger (the red plastic "3 in 1 tool" is the best one I've found), a fish unhooking mat (if nothing else a bath towel works. It's easy to roll up and carry, and they save wear and tear on the fish). Go through the Beginning Carping here and you'll get a mind boggling amount of ideas, rigs, methods and baits. When questions pop up, ask. A PM is coming your way. <:///><
  12. I WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN CAG'S FFF 2020 Your name: Kenneth Perrault Your CAG forum name: Ken The state or states in which you will be fishing: New York
  13. Ken

    Turkey Day

    Are there carp in Puerto Rico?
  14. Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. <:///><
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