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  1. I WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN CAG'S FFF 2020 Your name: Kenneth Perrault Your CAG forum name: Ken The state or states in which you will be fishing: New York
  2. Ken

    Turkey Day

    Are there carp in Puerto Rico?
  3. Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. <:///><
  4. I didn't mention the "other end" of the way I tie my hairs, which isn't mentioned a lot of the time. I tie a loop in the end of the hair (just tie a comfortable size loop, the size doesn't matter) by bringing the end of the line back on itself (a bight), forming the loop, then tying a surgeon's knot ( an overhand knot brought through twice). Then I push the end of the loop through one end of a swivel, bring the loop up and over the swivel, back down to the line, and pull tight. The swivel gives me something to easily tie to.
  5. Tying hairs is no big deal. When I get low on hairs I just sit in front of the boob tube and tie up enough to replenish my supply all at once. Get a box that has a lot of small compartments and put your finished hairs in them, one to a compartment, to avoid untangling future messes. Take a look at this: https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=tightropetb&p=how+to+tie+a+hair+rig#id=2&vid=1b4bd81911e7338dc36c4eeda5fa2fd3&action=click Tie your hair rigs with different length hairs, keeping the short ones on one side of the box, and the long ones on the other. You don't need a long hair for a couple kernels of corn, but you'll need longer ones for bread balls, or whatever. One thing I usually do different from the video is tie my hairs into a long loop, and not the tiny little loop you usually see at the end of the hair. Depending on how long you want the hair to be, you hold the hair against the hook at that length and do your wraps. You'll wrap the knot creating the hair right into the wraps, against the hook. The reason I do this is there is no knot to rip a hole in my corn kernels. Also, after short time my braid hairs will fray, making it harder to get the baiting needle through the little loop. With the whole hair being a loop, this doesn't happen as much. At first I was worried that having a double line creating the hair would make it easier for the fish to detect, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Try them both ways and see what you think.
  6. Blank is the most used word in my fishing log this time of year. You have to hit the carp in the head with your hook to (maybe) get a take now. But at least you guys can keep trying down there. Here, the small ponds and bays are already frozen over, and it won't be long before the river will be iced over too. It already started once, then we got a few days of this weather in the 40's. Now, maybe if I bait a tip up with some corn........................... <:///><
  7. Thanks Jerome. The wheels of exploration, via Google, are in motion.
  8. My son recently moved to Buford, Georgia and has finally got settled in enough to start thinking about going carp fishing again. He is clueless about where to start trying. Any thoughts?
  9. That's an interesting thought. Pumpkin is one flavor I've never seen used. Ground up in a blender, pumpkin seeds should certainly taste and smell good to carp, and all that ground shell that will be there should help with the break if used in a pack. I'm going to try it. <:///><
  10. We can help with this, and it would certainly be our best interest, by taking ten minutes and writing a letter. Especially all you New York people. <:///>< Carp Fishing New York October 24 at 7:44 AM · To all anglers that have noticed a decline in carp or the size of the carp in The Seneca River due to either tanking, bow fishing or over fishing (and not releasing) Assemblyman Barclay is asking you to please write a letter to his office so he can present it to the DEC. The DEC are pushing back on having a creel limit on carp in trophy waters in NYS and if we can get as many letters as possible written, Will Barclay's office is hoping this will help. This is what they said. "If you and any anglers would like to write letters, you can send them to our office. Will can share sentiments from those in further discussions. Tell them Personal accounts go a long way." The address is Assemblyman Will Barclay 200 North Second St. Fulton NY 13069 Once you write the letter, can you please post 'Done' in the comments below so we know a letter has been sent? And please share with your friends. Thank you!!!!
  11. For what it's worth, I found where some of the local carp have gone since they seemingly disappeared from all my swims. Yesterday was a warm, sunny, and calm day and I was canoeing on the shallow side of a large island. The water was a foot to 3 ft. deep with a muddy, silty bottom. All summer and up to a week ago the entire area was clogged solid with water chestnuts, which have just died off, allowing that side to paddled now. The surface is pretty much covered with floating pieces of the dead water chestnuts and their roots. And carp. Hundreds of them. On paddling through, dozens would spook at once with a lot of splashing and swirling. In the shallower water some were banging into the canoe. And as speculated above, many were feeding on the pieces of the chestnuts, as evidenced by their mouths and heads breaking out of the water in the debris, and a lot of clooping. And many more were laying motionless, just under the surface, enjoying the sun. Whether they could be caught in there is an interesting question. Fishing from the shore is out of the question because of yards of dense cattails coming out from shore, and a mucky, sinky bottom. Fishing from a boat would be the other alternative. And I've found that fishing for carp from a canoe can be a really bad idea. <:///><
  12. Well Jerome, it seems the stars continue to line up for you! Congrats on a remarkable fish. And with perfect timing to boot! I'm thinking this Massachusetts - Pennsylvania playoff is more interesting than the world series. And Jerome is outnumbered 2 to 1! (Now that sports betting has been legalized, are there any wagers as to the outcome of this event?) <:///><
  13. It sounds like you are fishing on the bank next to me, haha. In the last couple of weeks the carp action has gone from bad to zero on the waters here. Like it does every fall. The water temp is in the mid 50's so you know they are still active as ever, so perhaps it is the food source. Some of the weeds are dying off now, especially the water chestnuts, which carpeted large areas, and are now putting tons of dead plant matter and roots in the water.. I wonder if the weed die-offs create a large abundance of 'new' food and the carp are stuffed with that and not interested in bait. <:///><
  14. Hello, and welcome to the addiction. For all things carp, you've come to the right place. <:///><
  15. I'm going to give this a try this week. Hopefully it will break the slump my local waters seem to be in right now. Dale, he is using Great Value (Walmart brand) Panko. Which happens to be my bait supply center also, lol. <:///><
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