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  1. Recently I have been a little under the weather health wise. The people of this forum are great because wether they know it or not just keeping their stories going (I especially enjoy the fly rod ones) it is like a therapy to me. Well this afternoon I have gotten out for almost 2 hours after about 3-4 weeks of no fishing to talk about. The casting was quite rusty and I wanted to take a page out of John's (Montana) book and go with no prebaiting. I used a fly called the "Puke" fly. John and others such as Kingfisher, Mr.P, Macfish as well as the whole staff of CAG are true inspirations. Yes, I thank God and look at you all as a blessing. The first catch on this fly (size 8) was a 3 inch crappie. The second catch was a little better it was a 4 inch "sunnie". Then I saw the quarry that I was searching for. This carp made me feel better fast. Fishing is good therapy. I sincerely want to take the time to thank the people who make a difference in this club and forum. Many of you touch lives without even knowing what impact it is that you have. The beauty of this fly is that it is very simple to tie. The recipe is on Ian Colin James' website www.iancolinjames.com . I believe it was designed by a four year old boy. So simple but effective is what I say! Try it you may like it. Just strip it back slowly. Definitely a no brainer! Keep up the good work guys and Gals! Ray
  2. I also agree. Ray
  3. Eich

    Pennsylvania Roll Call!

    Welcome Nate. There are times when I make it to Berks Co. to fish. If you ever are in the Lancaster County area and want to fish let me know. Ray
  4. Eich

    FFF 2011 - Reporting Results

    You were sorely missed my friend. Your ears should have been ringing. All talk about you was good. Ray
  5. Eich

    FFF 2011 - Reporting Results

    Wasn't a very good sunrise, but here is my attempt at recording it. Ray
  6. Eich

    FFF 2011 - Reporting Results

    Here's a mirror that Lowell King (Kingfisher) captured at 3:05 AM. It weighed in at 4 pounds 15 ounces. Air temperature was 31F and water temp was 40F. He has some other pictures in his camera that he will post. Good job Lowell. Ray
  7. Eich

    FFF Diary (2011)

    Jerome, Just want to wish you much success with the FFF. That is great that you are getting some more exposure for the event. Had some trouble finding open water myself, but I think that I might have a handle on two possible venues. May even try some ice fishing too as a very familiar venue still has about 5-6 inches of ice over it. Anyway there Jerome I hope you get a lump at 12:01 AM in 2011. (Just don't make it a mirror please). Ray
  8. Eich

    FFF 2011 Sponsors & Prizes

    Thanks to all the sponsors and a big thanks to Jerome for all of his unselfish efforts for CAG. Ray
  9. Eich

    6.5lb Largemouth

    Nice bass. Congratulations! Ray
  10. Eich

    Pennsylvania Roll Call!

    My name is Ray Eichelberger. Just got Louis' email. Know and have fished with a few of you guys. Live in Mount Joy, Pa. Fish quite a bit with Lowell King (kingfisher) at Lake Ontalaunee and a couple of spots on the Connestoga River (love those river carp). Try to hold a fish in every year at Speedwell Forge Lake. Been fishing for carp for over 50 years now. Kind of fish a combination of styles. Have a lot of fun and catch a few too from time to time. Am actually crazy enough to fish for carp with a scooby doo outfit and have been known to sling a few flies in their direction. Ray
  11. Eich

    fly tying scraps

    That's what I like to see. The making of something out of what others deem as trash. Simple and effedctive. WTG! Thanks for sharing. Ray
  12. Eich

    Mulberry Carp

    That's what they call matching the hatch. That is a wonderful find and will produce for you year after year. Ray
  13. TAKC in Pennsylvania The results for the TAKC in Pennsylvania are in. The event took place at Speedwell Forge Lake located just north of the town of Lititz. Speedwell Forge is one of those lakes where there are plenty of carp, but most are small in the 3-5 pound range. Bank access is quite fisherman friendly with grass covering most of the flat bank space. Ideal for young carpers and those who are young at heart. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's eastern regional office is located along Brubaker Valley Road right next to the lake. The lake is maintained and managed as a "Big Bass" lake. This means that it gets a fair share of boating traffic over the weekends that bass are in season. It is a blessing that the use of gasoline motors is prohibited in this lake. This keeps the noise level down quite a bit and there are no jet skiers to worry about either. Saturday morning dawned with me being at lake side to top off the three day baiting campaign that had just been done. Things were done at 6 AM and the event was not scheduled until 8 AM so there was a bit of time to kill. My trusty ultralight spinning outfit was donned as I was about to show a little versatility and throw some lures in hopes of enticing a large bass. After 15 minutes of this a bass of about 12 inches did me the pleasure of being caught. Not large enough to deem picture worthy, but never-the-less a bass. The next thing that occurred got my heart racing like that of a young boy again. A pick-up truck was pulling into the parking lot and a young boy got out of the passenger's side. Could this be someone who was showing up for our club's event? My curiousity needed to be satisfied so an inquiry was made to the boy's father as he got out of the drivers side of the vehicle. "Are you guys here for the Take A Kid Carping event being held here," I asked. My heart sank as the reply was that of not knowing there was even any kind of event being held. "So, what are you guys going to be fishing for?" uttered out of my mouth. "Whatever we can catch," was the reply. Let me try to make lemonade out of this situation. "Do you fish for carp?" The young boy replied that his father had caught some already, but he had never caught one. So naturally the guidelines of the TAKC were explained and Tyler (the young boy) said he would like to give it a try. After excitedly showing Tyler and his father some of the ins and outs of carping, Tyler casted out his ling with all the anticipation an 8 year old can muster up. Half an hour later my left bite alarm went off. As Tyler reeled in his line to follow me to do battle wit this carp thing, he naturally asked if it was a big one. "We won't know 'til we get there," was my reply to Tyler. The rod was picked upand handed to Tyler knowing it felt like one in the 4-5 pound range. "Is it pulling hard?" was my query. "Oh my gosh YES," he replied. Then two minutes later the line went slack. Can't tell you whose heart sank faster, Tyler's or mine, but hearts did sink. Just as fast as the hearts sank his bounced back as he casted out his line with the same enthusiasm as he had in the beginning. Oh the resiliance of youth. Then after about another hour and 10 minutes of inactivity that tell-tale slack in Tyler's line that screams drop-back to the experienced carp fisherman happened. As the line started getting tight Tyler was told to get ready to set the hook. The line went tight and as fast as the tip moved, Tyler set the hook and started doing battle. The flash of gold about a minute later confirmed my suspicions that this was a classic carp drop-back. As the fish was diligently fought excitement and anticipation grew. Tyler seemed interested too. His dad did the honors and Tyler was now holding his very first lump of gold. Pictures were taken and congratulations were made. Pennsylvania has another carper in the making. Congratulations Tyler Gehman. There were no other people interested after Tyler left on Saturday, and nobody showed on Sunday. In my book though the first year was a BIG success. Thank you Jerome and all others who organized this event. We were small in numbers, but large in getting the job done. WOW!
  14. Eich

    Take a Kid Carpin' and prizes

    A special thank you to all who donated prizes and to Jerome for organizing this event. Ray
  15. Let us all take the approach that we will do what we can, when we can with whatever time that we can do it. Certainly better than doing nothing. JMHO. Ray
  16. Just got the ball rolling here in Pa. Posted an invitation on another fishing forum that I am a member of. Also if there are any members or guests in Pa. that want to give this a shot we'll be holding this at Speedwell Forge Lake (north of Lititz, Pa.). Same site as the fish in. The spawn will be over and I can almost guarantee that lots of fish will be caught. This as always will be a very sociable event if nothing else. If you can make it out please bring a kid and lend some moral support for the future carpers. Thank you for your support as always. Ray
  17. Eich

    Mirror, mirror

    Very good as always there John. WTG! Ray
  18. Eich

    ZachATree's Picture blog.

    As do I, as do I. WTG there Zach. Ray
  19. Four chances to win...count me in please. Thanks! Ray
  20. Eich

    Some excitement, but no fish today.

    Welcome to the journey. Ray
  21. Eich

    Spring is finally here!

    Very nice John. Thanks for sharing. Ray
  22. Jim, Thank you first of all for donating these. This is a very good idea. Please add me to the sign up list for this one and again thank you. Ray
  23. A great adventure as always there Horace. Thanks for sharing. Ray
  24. Just another great issue. Thanks for a great magazine. Ray
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    Maximus Relaximus &

    Horace, Real good one there my brother. Industrial size boxes of tissues are on their way. Ray