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  1. RIP gone but never forgotten from this forum

  2. Good capture. U mad I'm a meso??
  3. Taimen....nuff said (of course, with a side stop for mahseer)...
  4. That looks like the bullheads Aziz paints here in MA!!
  5. Awsome...Great work again!
  6. Nice satchelyaps, Norm (go ahead, CC, make fun of that name...LOL)
  7. Nice "Stripah", "Rahb"!!!
  8. Those pics might scare a certain Relaximus Horace! Looks like a tough place for the lil fella!
  9. Only there 2 times, but I know there are plenty of motels in the area, close to the water. Some on the water, and in good places. Post spawn, definately want to fish the outer edge of the weedlines, and definately good to night fish if possible. Good luck!
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