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  1. I'll be donating toward the cost of the porta-jon joe. i will likely be staying a few days.
  2. Going looking for a new PB tonight!

  3. I know for me the hatred of catfish is all in good fun. We keep score -1 for each catfish. In Texas you fish through a lot of the kitties to get to the carp but I just keep some and eat them as revenge. "Release to the grease" as they say. Don't take it too seriously. Now don't get me started on turtles or those green trash fish!!!
  4. Use a large bore pen with the innards removed and "punch" bread repeatedly to create a small bread pellet, deadly bait on a hair rig.. since you like cats and carp I would recommend high end Abu's with bait clickers. A good abu is 1/3 the price of a "good" carp reel and will still serve your grandkids well if taken care of. Pair them with some 7.5 to 9ft rods and you have a set for both species. "paylakers" tend to use a similar setup. Most of us "euro" tarts secretly have a paylaker setup too and often fish both. Longer rods cast better and are more forgiving at the net so less fish get the premature release due to a hook pull. So I would suggest adding a foot or two to the average catfish rod and going with something with a bit more give at the tip. This is a good time of year to catch big blues on carp gear too, so fish some red fishmeal pop-ups over halibut pellets or the like for big channels and blues.
  5. Mark Villanova 37 years old from North Richland Hills. Marriage #2(didn't learn my lesson the first time) with 5 kids. Don't visit CAG much but I peek in from time to time to see how things are. Been targeting carp since 2006.
  6. "imitation ducklings" AKA rubber duckie? they come pre drilled with a hole in the bottom, just put a screw on the hair and .. oh forget it!
  7. Fishing Town Lake and hearing the gunfire, police chases and the hundreds of homeless people can be intimidating until you get used to it. I've been known to spend a few days at a time alone on the lake and will often be approached by homeless people. Keep a big knife on your belt and stainless steel bank stick in hand when they are around and they tend to go away. Only once have I actually had to fight one and he was just trying to steal my propane to "huff" it. But it was winter and I would have frozen to death without it (actually I would have had to go home because it was too damn cold). As a rule the homeless leave you alone but its still a bit uncomfortable when fishing alone for a few days knowing that you are going to sleep sooner or later. I just keep everything of value in the bivvy to avoid tempting them to kill me in my sleep.
  8. I think last years encounter with 2 bottles of crown and a crowd of Freemasons might challenge this party. When the bottles opened at 2am we had no idea what we were in for. Looks like fun, sorry Chris and I missed it.
  9. As I sit on the bank of Lake Austin, thinking back on the 10 fish we caught today, and the last minute run we made at first I wonder if anyone else noticed that all but one of the winners are members of the Lonestar Carp Brigade? And Brid, consider yourself a member, you met all the requirements of membership! It was great to meet you. We'll get your Tshirt to you as soon as they are printed. I know we wanted the champs to be from Texas but do you think its rude of us to take all 3 spots?
  10. My 2 cents, though most is seconding the statements of others 1. Split the event, Lady Bird and Day use at Emma. 2. A committee for planning/execution, not an individual or 2. Its too much work! the person in charge needs to ask for help with specific tasks, DELEGATE. The Carp Brigade is HUGE now. And many members are in Austin frequently. 3. More media attention/marketing. Lets attract more members and participants in one go. Get those articles in the paper. Last year we had a reporter out for a session. Then at the event we were asked about that article a few times. An article in In-fisherman specific to the ATC would kick arse. 4. Later date. or earlier, we have to get out of spawn. though Texas weather will dictate. 5. More cooperation and less bickering as always with CAG. Keith's post is spot on, It seems the same suggestions come up most years, lets act on some for next year. 6. As for the "more prizes" "move it around" "move it to a more central location" Sounds like you are describing the ACS Regionals to me. More tournaments mean more choices, ATC will not be for everyone, lets make it the best we can for those that choose to come.
  11. Paul, Me and Chris will be there, We can split a site if you want. You know how we do it! We should be down there early enough to get a good site. Call me if you need to but I'll expect you. i just registered us so we'll be there.
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