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  1. I thought nobody was allowed to post prices outside the Comm Corner.
  2. There is not really a "rule" addressing this. An occaisional pic of an item or two is fine. However, we'd rather not see a pictoral catalog online. It would be best to provide a link to your web page where interested parties could go and hopefully buy the item. Just use descretion. If a particular item is being highlighted, then a graphic is helpful and OK.
  3. guys - We are looking for ways to offer CAG merch through a wide variety of vendors. Plus, we are working on something to provide merchandise independtly. Give us time and ideas. Our objective is to treat all of our fine CAG BIZ Supporters equitably. Discussion via PM's please.
  4. Welcome aboard Scorpion Tackle . Looking forward to seeing the seleciton.
  5. Yes Richard, best wishes in your new endeavor. Dear fellow Admins: With the new category of CAG BIZ Supporter, we are trying to keep this Commercial Corner open to posting by the CAG BIZ Supporters. Announcements like Richards or sales, offers and the like can become quickly buried under an avalanche of replies, so please direct feedback either via PM OR in any other relavant section of the forum. Thanks for understanding... and yes, I realize I just broke the rule too
  6. Folks, the Board of Directors have adopted new, slightly higher, NACA advertising rates going forward. Please see the attached rate sheet. Contact Jerome Moisand if you have any questions or would like to purchase advertising space.
  7. Hello all - We are experimenting with a new approach to the Commercial Corner. I have created a new category titled "CAG BIZ Supporter" which truly describes the fine businesses which have often donated goods, money, or services to the betterment of CAG or who have purchased advertising space in our club newsletter the North American Carp Angler. One of the privledges of becoming a "CAG BIZ Supporter" is the ability to post product announcements, specials, etc. in the Commercial Corner section of the forum. All guests, members, CAG Members, etc. will continue to be able to view posts in the Commercial Corner, however, only CAG BIZ Supporters have the ability to make postings. In addition, we are relaxing the no pricing rules for the Commercial Corner section ONLY. If you are not yet a CAG BIZ Supporter, please contact the CAG Staff at your earliest convenience to discuss how you may join and participate in the program.
  8. Folks - If the bread companies don't advertise in the NACA then this thread belongs in the bait section rather than in the Comm Corner.
  9. Bill and Wayne - Best wishes on your continued success. Sorry I missed you on my latest trip to Morrisville. I actually stayed at the Red Roof in in Langhorne. I arrived late in the evening and left early the next day down to Wilmington. I have always appreciated your wonderful hospitality. Again, best wishes.
  10. I'm going to move this to the commercial section. If nothing else, it will preserve the right to move other similar posts in the future. Glad to hear the Wacker Alarms are working well. Which ones do you have?
  11. Mr Raduta organized the Romanian tournament. Tim is right, the promised prizes were not delivered. David Moore and I fished this tournament as well. Julian Campbell and Mike Winstone formed a third team. We were all very disappointed that the promised prizes were not paid to Tal and Tim. At the time we had zero leverage. Perhaps the ICFA should review the situation. It is ICFA's reputation which suffers when a sanctioned event doesn't deliver as promised. BTW, ACS had zero, zilch, nothing to do with the disputed event. ACS was not even in existance at the time. The powers that be in the international carping world seemed hesitant to press the issue, given that the event organizer controls a water known to have produced the world record carp. I suppose the reasoning was "don't piss him off, we might not get access to fish for the monsters." The whole thing reminds me of a joke I once heard. A farmer decides to sell his old mule. He reckon's it's worth $20. Instead, he sells raffel tickets at $1 each. The lucky farmer sells 100 raffel tickets. The day of the raffel comes and his neighbor wins the mule. The farmer promises to deliver in 1 week. Unfortunately, the mule dies! The neighbor is irate. The cagy farmer tells him not to worry, he's glad to refund his dollar! The point is, the winner doesn't get much support from the raffel losers because they have nothing to gain once they've lost the raffel. Best of luck Tim. I hope you and Tal get your $, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  12. Pete - Excellent point. The guys in question are NOT a reflection on Pay Lakers in any way. They are just a couple of bad apples. Likewise, certain Euro anglers are not a reflection of the whole. I think it is great that the bonds amongst all carpers on this forum have grown strong enough to withstand the occaisional exception. Long ago something like this would have been used as a wedge to drive us apart. Today we see it for what it is, a personal exception to the rule that carpers of all stripes are great folks. All the best, Brian
  13. Brian C., perhaps that had something to do with it. Maybe Jack Rowe showing up and hauling out an upper twenty withing viewing distance might of contributed as well?
  14. I'm sure Mr. Hill will recognize the items he forgot to return. After all, he had his young son along and I'm sure he only wants to set a good example for the young lad. Surely, he didn't mistakenly think that his entry fee was "payment" for the items lent.
  15. Buster - Congrats! I wish you the very best of success in this endeavor.
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