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    Big 4 rules

    The Spring Big 4 is one of our signature tournaments. If we were going to make big changes (as we did in 2018) on how things were going to run as well as the outcome (winners and prizes), it should have been addressed beforehand on this Forum with the members. The BOD should have also discussed these changes and approved/disapporoved of them before the Spring Big 4 was held.
  2. (RI) pickerd

    Big 4 rules

    I also did not like the regional aspect of this tournament. That tends to work when you have equal number of entrants from each zone. If you look at the list of entrants at least half were from the northeast zone. Some zones had almost no one. So, no question, the NE guys were at a big disadvantage. I agree with Dave on this point. And only one winner from each zone. Come on man. The BOD discussed this several years back when numbers were way down in the tournament, and we decided to up the number of winners to get more participation. That was the policy we adopted. At the time we decided to award the top ten finishers and this happened several years in a row. I assumed this would happen again this year. And, we had no idea of the number of winners or the prizes until after the tournament was over. This should have been all set up and explained beforehand just like what is done in the FFF. I'm sure this will affect how many enter the Fall Big 4 unless it changes. By the way, I do think this is all a good idea to get input from members as to what they think about how things run. Sometimes, we, as the BOD tend to act on our own as was done here and maybe it is not what the members want. I, too, would like to see input on this from all who entered so we can better serve you next time.
  3. Rex, some nice fish posted. You will find that the Blackstone has many surprises. I have caught a lot of bullhead or horned pout there, but I have also caught large white catfish, hybrid goldfish and even a pike while fishing for carp in the river.
  4. (RI) pickerd

    Using New Pack Bait

    Thanks for the info. And, nice size mirror.
  5. (RI) pickerd

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    One issue that I see is that on the leaderboard there are several people who are entering fish but not indicating their location or region. Shouldn't that be a requirement since this is a regional event?
  6. (RI) pickerd

    Introduce Yourselves

    I'm hoping some of our regulars who frequent this Forum will introduce themselves. We have a great bunch of guys (both CAG members as well as non-members) here in RI who fish together and share ideas. Let me add a few things that may not have been included above. I am retired so I get to fish A LOT. In fact, I carp fish just about every day in the morning and sometimes at night also. I am also a fanatical stiper fisherman and I tend to do that at night. My claim to fame in the fishing world is that I have landed over 50,000 striped bass from the shore, a feat few fishermen, if any, have duplicated. I manage to catch a lot of carp from the state waters as well as from nearby MA waters. I especially enjoy river fishing and love fishing the Blackstone, Merrimack and CT rivers. Here in RI there is very little carp fishing pressure and I often fish places in northern RI that no one has ever caught carp before. It' s almost like fishing private waters! I took over as state chairman of the CAG here in RI 6 years ago. At the time, I was the only CAG member. Now we have 12 members and we seem to have many newcomers sign up every year. I enjoy running the group and try to get out and fish with all our members.
  7. (RI) pickerd

    New (New) PB Grasser again!

    Wow, terrific fish. Congrats.
  8. (RI) pickerd


    OK, been trying like a son of a gun to get a big mirror. It happened today with this gorgeous 31 lb., 8 oz. fully scaled beauty. Ah, persistence (with a little luck) pays off!
  9. (RI) pickerd

    Picture Submissions to big 4

    I'm guessing your pics should have been reduced as you suggested. This has been a problem in the past. Reducing to 640 wide should work. Noticed most of the photos downloaded to the leaderboard did not work. Maybe this should have been explained ahead of time.....
  10. (RI) pickerd


    Nice going Lizardman. Love the hat!
  11. (RI) pickerd


    Been catching good numbers of small ones and then, bingo, 29 lbs. 2 oz. Got this big girl on a combo bait of maize and a white artificial corn fished on the hair rig. Method ball packed around the sinker. Stange thing is that I landed over 20 fish in this spot and not one of them even hit ten pounds. Hmm, you just never know!
  12. (RI) pickerd

    NECC Photos

    Thanks to all who attended this year's very successful NECC. And, a big shout out to our President, Iain, for putting this whole thing together! Here are some of the photos of the event.
  13. Lefty, Great to see you back and with a terrific fish. The carp in MA are in trouble now! Dave
  14. (RI) pickerd

    NECC 2018 - Latest News!

    I don't know if anyone has checked the stream flow data for the CT River but as of right now, I don't think you will be able to fish it since the river is flowing about three times the normal for fishing. The problem is that there is a TREMENDOUS amout of snow in the mountains. It is melting and sending a torrent of water downstream. Water flows in that location are just about unfishable in the month of April due to high water, fast flows and lots of debris. If you are planning a fish-in I would have a back-up location in a pond or lake just in case the river is not fishable.
  15. Our popular RI CAG Spring Big 3 Tournament starts April 1 and runs until June 30th. It is open to all RI CAG members and any other CAG members who would like to participate. Basically you enter your biggest carp for the month of April, the month of May and the month of June. We total up those three weights and that is your point total. Medals are awarded to the top three finishers. The rules of the tournament are below: RI CAG Big 3 Rules Spring, 2018 Here is a summary of the rules for our 2018 RI CAG Big 3 Contest: 1. You must be a CAG member in good standing (dues up to date) to fish in this contest. Participants can come from RI as well as other states so long as they are CAG members. 2. Only fish caught and released from RI waters can be entered. 3. When fishing in this tournament, you can only use two rods max. Anyone caught using three or more rods while the tournament is going on will be disqualified. 4. You will enter your biggest carp for the month of April, the biggest carp for the month of May and the biggest carp for the month of June. These can be mirrors as well as commons. 5. You can enter as many fish as you want, but only the biggest (by weight) will count for each month. 6. No fish can be entered for the month after the month ends. For instance, we will accept fish entered for April up until April 30, and not in May. 7. You should use an accurate scale to weigh your fish. I also suggest the use of a weigh sling if possible. Fish can be weighed in decimal format or lbs. and oz. For instance, 20 lbs. 8 oz. or 20.5 lbs. I will convert all weights to lbs. and oz. All fish must then be released. 8. Photos are encouraged but not required. Try to take a photo of a good catch. Portraits of you holding the fish are best. Photos can be sent to my e-mail. I’m hoping to use some of the photos on the blog. 9. You should send weights of fish entered to me by e-mail at imhooked2000@cox.net Include your name, the weight of the fish, and the date of the catch. Or, if you see me you can simply tell me the info we need. 10. At the end of each month we will set up an updated leaderboard on the RI Carp Fishing website at www.ricarpfishing.blogspot.com or I will update members by e-mail. 11. At the conclusion of the tournament, sometime around the first week in July, medals provided by the CAG will be awarded for first, second and third places. These places will be determined by the total weight of the three biggest fish. Note that we can not have a tie since we only have three medals. In the unlikely event of a tie, the fourth largest fish entered will be the tie breaker. Any questions, feel free to contact me. Good luck to everyone and have fun, Dave Pickering, RI CAG Chairman
  16. (RI) pickerd

    URGENT - CT Regulations!

    Just sent my message. Never easy.....good luck.
  17. (RI) pickerd

    Connecticut announces Trophy Carp Waters!

    A huge CONGRATS on this stunning achievement. It will be a model for other states to pursue!
  18. Nice going you guys... a hardy and dedicated bunch! Congrats on the catches. No easy task in winter!
  19. For the past three months our RI CAG members have taken part on our annual RI Fall Combo Tournament. The idea was to try to catch and enter your biggest common carp, your biggest mirror carp and your biggest catfish or horned pout. The fish would be measured in inches and your point total was the combined inch total. The tournament has ended and here are the medal winners: Gold medal- Brian Savage- 70 pts (35 inch common, 35 inch mirror) Silver medal- Tom Perron- 48 pts. ( 34 inch common, 14 inch cat) Bronze medal- Tony Carvalho- 47 pts. (32 inch common, 15 inch cat) The winners will receive engraved medals provided by the national CAG.
  20. (RI) pickerd

    FFF 2018 - Your Winners, Awards, and Prizes

    Huge congrats to all the winners...well deserved. And, Frank, thanks so much for all your organization and hard work on this event. A superb job once again.
  21. (RI) pickerd

    FFF 2018 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures here!

    Some very impressive catches so far. Might be few in number but good quality. I am guessing New England guys will be shut out. I checked a number of spots....no fishable water for me due to icing. Even fast moving water was frozen solid from the extreme temperatures of the last week. Coldest FFF I have ever seen here in New England.
  22. (RI) pickerd

    FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Winter is back with a vengeance here in New England. Extremely cold for the next six days, below zero up to teens. Temps for New Years Day....high of 14, low of 0. Even colder in some parts. Don't think anywhere will be fishable. Even moving water will freeze at those temps. But, we'll see.
  23. (RI) pickerd

    Big Lake Big Fish

    Nice video, real nice fish. You ought to consider joining our group. You'd do very well in our spring and fall big 4 tournaments.
  24. Most carp fishermen have to learn the art of taking a self photo. You’re alone the bank alone and you catch a good size fish, and you want to get a photo of you holding the fish. How do you do it? The “old” way I used to do it was with a camera. I had a Canon compact camera and I set the timer for the shutter and the number of shots. Then I pressed the shutter button and ran into the camera’s view with the fish while the self timer clicked away. I now generally have a better and more convenient way to get the photo with my smartphone. I should mention that I do not have an expensive smartphone. It is a recently purchased LG Aristo phone that I bought for $100 on sale. But, it has some phenomenal features when it comes to taking pictures. It also takes 13 megapixel photos. The most important feature is something called voice shutter. It’s in the settings and I keep it turned on. This eliminates any self timer. You get into the picture and simply say “smile” or “cheese” and it snaps the picture when you say so. I will hold the fish at different angles and direct the phone when to take the photos. In addition, my phone has photo editing capabilities. I can rotate the photo, crop it, enhance it, etc. right in the phone. It’s a photo editing program built into the phone. Amazing! Here’s what else you need for those self photos with the phone. You will need some type of holder. You could use a tripod, but I prefer to use a bankstick with a mount called a Gardner camera angle (screws into the bankstick). The cell phone will not screw into my camera mount as a camera does so I purchased an adapter called a Vastar Universal Tripod Adapter Cell Phone Holder. This ingenious little tool is a cell phone holder that screws into the Gardner camera angle, and it is adjustable for your size cell phone. I got it at Amazon for about 8 bucks. A real buy! So that’s it. Take a look at the photo I have for an example. All done very easily and conveniently with my smartphone!
  25. Iain,

    So happy you got elected. Good luck with everything.

    I know we talk a lot....if you want to call, feel free to call any evening....5:00 t0 8:00 PM.

    I'm back on my skiing schedule in the daytime and no service in the mountains.