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    Any type of fishing, saltwater and fresh, Writing and photography work....member of New England Outdoor Writer's Association, professional ski instructor, Enjoy bike riding and exercising.

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  1. Yes, too bad that Big 4 was cancelled. But, I can understand the difficulties that fishermen face in many areas of the country. Here in the northeast we are basically in a lock down. Only travel by car to supermarkets and pharmacies. All state and local parks (where there are lots of lakes and rivers) are closed in RI. No travel out of state. However, I am lucky enough to live walking distance to some pretty good carp waters that hold good numbers of beautiful mirrors.These places are woodsy spots with no one around which is good. So, my fishing continues, though very local and limited. Below is a photo of a mirror that was coming to the net last evening. Stay safe everyone and hope you can still get out fishing locally in your area.
  2. Open water....doesn't matter the type. .When the shallow ponds are iced over, I hit the moving river waters.
  3. Snow all over me, all over the fish. Been great up here in southern New England. At this point almost 150 carp released in 2020. A warm winter has been the ticket.
  4. We have a new Co-Chair for Ontario, Canada. By unanimous vote of the BOD, Jesse Gallant was voted Ontario Co-Chair. Thanks for volunteering for this position and good luck.
  5. I am pleased to announce that Amy Demrovsky has been voted unanimously by the BOD as the new Events Director for CAG. This fills an important position and adds a new member to our BOD (Board of Directors). CAG thanks Amy for volunteering for this important position, and we wish her the best of luck.
  6. CAG has two new state chairs. Wayne Smith has been voted by the BOD unanimously as the State Chair for Ontario, Canada. Mark Staley has also been voted unaniously as the new State Chair for New Jersey. Thank you to both Wayne and Mark for volunteering for these important positions.
  7. For any complainers out there, we are in DESPERATE need of volunteers. The word has gone out many times. No one applied for the President's job that was posted. No one stepped forward for the Treasurer's job. No takers for the Event's Director. Clubs like this work only if you have the volunteers. I'm amazed we can still do what we do with the few people we have on the BOD.
  8. Count me in! One of my favorite events! Your name: Dave Pickering Your CAG forum name: (RI)pickerd The state or states in which you will be fishing: RI /MA
  9. We are now accepting platform letters for anyone wishing to run for President of CAG. Submit these in the Business Section, CAG Electoral Section.
  10. Kevin Zirjacks has been voted unanimously by the BOD as the KS State Chair. Thank you Kevin for volunteering and good luck in your chairmanship.
  11. Thanks you Chad for putting this together. And, congrats to all who braved the trying conditions and fished this prestigeous tournament.
  12. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Lynn Newsome from Ohio has been voted Director of Women's Programs. Congratulations to Lynn and thanks for volunteering for this exciting new postion.
  13. By a unanimous vote of the BOD our by-laws have been amended to add a new BOD position. The position is Director of Women's Programs. It has been added to Aricle IV of our by-laws under Duties of Directors and Officers. Below is a description of the duties of that postiion as stated in the by-laws: 21) Director of Women’s Programs (note: by-laws amended 7/16/19 to add this position) A) Promote the sport amongst the female population B) Help the female anglers improve their skills and knowledge of carp fishing C) Improve female participation in CAG events D) Increase CAG membership of female anglers
  14. By a unanimous "yes" vote of the BOD, Sam Williams has been voted as the NY Mid Hudson Valley Region State Chair. Good luck to Sam and thanks for volunteering.
  15. Wow, congrats on this magnificent fish!
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