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    Dave Pickering.....CAG Secretary, VP and RI State Chair
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    Any type of fishing, saltwater and fresh, Writing and photography work....member of New England Outdoor Writer's Association, professional ski instructor, Enjoy bike riding and exercising.

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  1. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Domenic Firestone has been voted State Chair for PA. Thank you Domenic for volunteering for this position and good luck.
  2. I will make this official. By a unanimous vote of the BOD, Ryan Munn has been voted NJ State Chairman. Congrats to Ryan and thank you for volunteering.
  3. oops...found the answer to my question....March 14.
  4. Is there a deadline to register for this event?
  5. I also do not have the trophy. Problem right now is with travel restrictions between NE states. Once Covid passes, this could be a possibility.
  6. By a unanimous vote of the CAG BOD, Ryan Munn has been voted Regional State Chair Director, Region 1 South. We want to thank Ryan for volunteering for this important position.
  7. By a unanimous vote of the CAG BOD, Sam Williams has been voted Regional State Chair Director, Region 1 North. We want to thank Sam for volunteering for this important position.
  8. I didn't get out on the Jan. 1, but did get out on Jan.2. Tried a new spot in RI where the ice just departed. It was a place that I never fished in January. Hit a banner day. Landed 10 carp from 10 to 19 lbs. Here's one of them in the net.....
  9. While the President of CAG usually announces the Champion of the Queen Award winner, we will break with tradition this year. Behind the scenes, the BOD has unanimously voted our President, Iain Sorrell, as the 2020 Champion of the Queen award winner. Since the CAG inception, the Carp Anglers Group “Champion of the Queen” award (sometimes referred as “Protector of the Queen” award) has been used to acknowledge exceptional achievements in promoting CAG and carp angling in North America. Iain has been a tireless volunteer in the CAG organization for almost two decades. He joined CAG in 199
  10. For me, the essence of carp fishing here in RI is one word, "MIRROR". We have more mirror carp and more beautiful mirror carp than just about anywhere in the country. I picked this photo because I just love the sun reflecting off the scales of this gorgeous specimen. Enjoy! 1. Type of camera: LG G-7 Thin Q phone 2. Date taken: Aug. 21 3. Location: Lincoln, RI 4. Name: Dave Pickering
  11. The BOD has unanimously voted Deric Martin as Co-Chair for Ontario. Good luck Deric and thank you for volunteering.
  12. By a unanimous vote, the BOD has approved Louis-Philip Lortie as the CAG state chair for Quebec. Thank you Louis for volunteering for this position and good luck.
  13. Last week the unthinkable happened. I landed what I believe is the first 40 lb. common carp to be caught in RI waters. The massive fish weighed exactly 40 lbs., and was 40 inches long. It was caught on a hair rig combo bait that was made up of a kernel of maize along with a white, artificial, plastic corn. This combo bait has been a killer for me all spring. Unlike in other nearby states, thirty pound carp are rare here in RI. There are a few low thirties landed every year in RI, but 40 lbs. is a mark few sharpies would have ever thought possible. My previous biggest carp in RI was
  14. The BOD has unanimously approved a number of Regional Directors who will support State Chairs. Below is a list of these appointees: Amy Demrovsky: WA, OR, CA, ID, UT, NV, CO, MT, WY, ND, SD, NB, KS, HI, and AK Lynn Newsome: OH, MI, PA, NY, WV, VT, KY, IN, NH, VA, MA, ME, MD, CT, RI, NJ, DE Wayne Smith: Canada Provinces Chad Woolward: TX, OK, NM, AR, LA Thanks you to those who volunteered for these important positions and good luck.
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