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  1. Brummie_Bri

    April Fishing - Specimen Angling - 45Lbs-14Oz

    A wonderful capture, Congratulations !
  2. Wacker Baits may have what you need for the fox stuff... http://www.wackerbaits.com
  3. Brummie_Bri


    Might be worth travelling 90 mins north of ATL
  4. Brummie_Bri

    What is your opinion?

    You need to add 50/50 mate , Very unique scaling fo sho
  5. Brummie_Bri

    WCB Boilies + 44 1/2 Hours + success!

    WOW !! Great captures folllowed by a kipper like that , What a session ! Many congrats to you both and Thanks for posting the story Mike
  6. Brummie_Bri

    Dale Hollow + Patience = REWARDS

    Great captures,Dontcha just love TN
  7. Brummie_Bri

    Life Time Carp Angler

    It contains corn
  8. Brummie_Bri

    Life Time Carp Angler

    Hi ya JD , If your ever fancy a trip to Chattanooga just give me a shout .Also looking forward to seeing what you pull out of west TN BTW you on the ps3 with BFBC2 ? I'm addicted to it
  9. Brummie_Bri

    Chub Outkast rods for sale

    Great deal on some great rods there !
  10. Brummie_Bri

    back to back 30s

    loved it, thanks for sharing
  11. Brummie_Bri

    ISSUE 15

    Fantastic work again Dave !.Thank you
  12. A fine array of fish ,Well done chaps
  13. Brummie_Bri

    Record bigmouth buffalo for TN

    Great to see it was released !, Kudos to the angler