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  1. Spectacular! Kudos to your sense of conservation by returning this beautiful girl. Classy!
  2. Happy Birthday Buddy

  3. I’ve blanked four times this year but I’m getting closer to catching a carp...I can feel it🤓I’ve been trying Creek mouths into the Mississippi River, bit of a drive but I’m going to get one soon. What is the bead you speak of?
  4. I haven’t been out this year, but hopefully soon. We don’t have lakes with carp, but we do have big rivers, only problem is access due to all the private property limitations.
  5. I was wondering the same thing!
  6. Congratulations! Thanks for stepping up to take this job on!
  7. I tried to recruit Mrs Nook but she isn’t into fishing or camping unfortunately. I hope this is a successful event and the ladies show up.
  8. I enjoyed part 1! Looking forward to part 2!
  9. Josh, my heart goes out to you and your friends and family. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Well said, MO. I was just telling my wife about him and while I didn’t know him either, I like to think he was having fun out fishing for Carp until the end. A retired school teacher in his profile confirms he led a useful life helping kids learn. See you on the other side when I get there, Frank.
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