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  1. KingCarp

    Here she is ! 54.4lb pure gold !

    Very true, a thorn in my eye too, but looks more like a 100 Lb'er, Biagini is very well known for these absurd trophy shots. Its already a truely nice carp, these photos don't do justice to this fish. PS here's a 120Lb example of his.
  2. Another nice 'record', I think 88 kg.
  3. KingCarp

    Wonder Bread?

    The only excuse to use this 'miracle' bread, is for fishing. I always wondered why people would eat this crap, has very little to do with bread, more like a chemical bom. It should be banned really.
  4. The 'superior' breeding programs you refer to are for the sole purpose of breeding consumption carp, a K3 [3 years old] is the goal,..those fish were never intended for sportsfishing, but there are no breeders anymore who can supply the nice fully scaled and linear type of carp, they all go for the highest grow rates. The stocked mirror carp from the fifties through the eighties were able to live up to 40-50 years of age. The modern bred carp, the Hungarian strains, usually don't get older than ±15 years. Anyone can read their breeding programs and could see many strains only have a 35% survival rate. If they wouldn't regularly breed commons back into these strains they couldn't survive at all. Carp 'science' has about a 1000 year history, the reason why carp is now considered to be 'native' to our Dutch waters. Its has become a huge industry, don't forget that most of Eastern Europe and Germany still consume a lot of carp. You'll find these strains even in Morocco and Turkye. Stocking Hungarian strains in N.A would not automatically result in bigger carp; -the genetics of mirror carp, breeding in the wild, will be lost quickly, as can be seen in the low rate of mirrors in N.A, as only mirrors breeding with mirrors will result in mirrors…in other words they regenerate to their original genes [common carp] Since ±10 years, in Holland, we have mirror stocking programs by and for carpanglers, most licenses even forbid harvesting carp! It became necessary because also here the amount of mirrors got really small. The ones who promote obese misfits generally have a commercial interest, such as sponsored anglers/tackle supply co's/manufacturers of carp gear/paylake owners and carp magazines. I support the group who try to educate on behalf of the welfare of carp, against the commercialization of our sport. https://www.facebook.com/ForTheLoveOfCarp To make matters worse the places where these 'records' are fattened are always the ones who claim these so called 'records'. This new claim again is such a misfit, the poor sucker is caught 2-3 x a year. North Americans should be glad this 'virus' hasn't reached its borders. It definitely ruins the sport. If you want you can add this to my 'negative' posts.
  5. KingCarp

    American Made Carp Hooks

    Do you really think Korda makes hooks? Korda is a marketing company! There's only a handfull of hook factories.
  6. KingCarp

    Monkey Climber - Dutch Carp Mag

    The language is Dutch, that's correct, but its a Belgian magazine.
  7. KingCarp

    The Hunt For A 40 - Lessons Learned!

    Looks you lacked some essential information, I'm surprised you didn't know 50lb line is almost a minimum to use on Larry! Having said that, please don't use leaders! They are not fish friendly, think of a carp towing a leader with him…I could show you some pictures that are quite upsetting. If 50lb straight isn't doing the trick, then use the 80lb…I tie a whole spool to my mainline [150 yards], like that the chance of losing the whole 'leader' is almost zero. I don't use 'safety clips' either, I don't think they are safe, they just guarantee you loose a lot of sinkers! Adding 1 or 2 foot of PVC tubing also reduces the chance of cutting of, the soft PVC will be cut, but 99,9% of the runs, the braid will remain intact. I also noticed your rod-pod setting, which doesn't work in snag/rock infested areas, I advise you to point your rods to the sky and only fish as far out as you really have to. If there is no current, you could also use a cork or a pingpong ball to keep your line of the bottom…btw most braids will float, which helps us greatly as we don't have the issue Euro carpanglers would have with a floating line. And as a last tip, keep your rod low and flat [tip close to the water], you'll see most carp will rise to the surface and stay away from the rocks, the higher you hold your rod, while fighting a carp, the more the carp will want to dive down!
  8. KingCarp

    The Hunt For A 40!

    Wow, tried to help, which you chose to ignore! I could have said, I told you so, but didn't want to rub it in. Your removed post;"I had my shirt handed to me!" tells me enough.
  9. KingCarp

    The Hunt For A 40!

    He removed his post, will probably post in the member section, but it was a bad trip [as I predicted]
  10. KingCarp

    The Hunt For A 40!

    Depending on who is doing what, I think this is going on a bit longer, too many fish the same area all the time, plus they keep feeding corn. My advise would be not to fish the islands [or well away from others] and either color your corn or go for range cubes/boilies. Same thing for the dam.
  11. As there hardly is any public carp water in the UK, prices for licenses have historically been very high..so for Brits is much easier to say its OK. I think the avarage UK carpangler has trouble catching 10 carp a year. In Holland the serious websites don't want any mention of paylakes nor world records anymore. And unfortunatley they move a lot of carp from lake to lake. In Holland we have professional fishermen with fishing rights going back a few hundred years...more and more carp dissapear. The rules were changed much too late in France and many of the big carp from public waters are now swimming in Paylakes. Its probably to late to say no to PL...I agree and a personal choice. The German venue in my view is as bad as any...also I wouldn't want to be found dead near this pond. It may look a bit better than those Hungarians, but no way it is a normal fish. Worst of it all, look how they make photo's...you'd think they show us a 150lb carp. If you don't think its an ugly mud I can live with that too. This is my last reaction, you can decide for yourself howfar you let things go in N.A.
  12. Its a shame that people on internet think there are no rules and every nobody can take his pick at anybody. Unfortunately also CAG had and has this problem from time to time. Mario started to provoke me, as he did before, when I greeted his very first post, here on CAG, so shame on your director…he was only trying to make this personal…and the reason for my statement that followed. BCLT@; your arguments fail to make sense, your comments were wrong and instead of admitting that, you too choose to belittle me…some of your friends did much the same way,..I think I countered you the way you intended to hurt me. [even PBed you to explain] You're quite happy I piled Gravers and Rainbow on the same s&^% pile, but fail to understand its just one MORE questionable Paylake , it only proves you guys know more European Paylakes than I do, some even fished there…and please don't say that Rainbow isn't controversial…if you want to catch one of the former World Records there, you have to wait at least 2 years, that long is the waiting list. Its very sad NOBODY spoke one word on behalf of the shocking example Arvand posted, 3rd attempt….800 carp 20-30 kg….141 carp 30-39,9 kg….3 carp more than 40kg…for 11ha. For a healthy water system, in Holland we advise no more than 200-250 kg of carp per ha The example of Euro-aqua is 11 ha for ±25000kg of carp, or more than 2000 kilo per ha…almost 10x our advise! For some the weight is more important than the well-being of carp. I'm glad Lorne did get it is intended to educate NA anglers and although I regret the way this goes, I'm not a willing victim, remember that!
  13. I see you're a forum guest, so you don't have access to all the posted info, but you could look at my content... I contribute since 2003..there should be at least 3-4 articles I wrote for CAG you can acccess here. You could also read my profile, which should also give some info [al lot more more than most!] Many older CAG members will know me better, unfortunately over the years the CAG forum has had the same problems we face in Europe! Look into the Tony Davies-Patrick crap...hey I even organised for him to have his book published, but he proved to be really special!! So as now, I often don't feel to post, because there are too many idiots only bashing and ridiculing. I'm a 45 year carp veteran, self taught,..former Board Member of the Dutch Carp Study Group, author, carp promotor, I also organise carp trips to Canada yearly for ±a dozen Dutch. None of you guys ever met me, I never fish the known venues. You want to see fish Google my name and CarpSafari. I don't want to publish anymore, because I don't like the way the magazines handle text as their own. I don't read any magazines anymore either I don't fish for carp in Europe anymore since 1995
  14. maybe start reading might do the trick... Les Graviers IS Rainbow Lake!!!! That ####lake in Germany is where the common ho resides...all Pay Lakes. You don't want me to list all these ####ty lakes are you? Just named the most notorious ones...pfff. Arvand; If you would have actually read the text, you would have seen the bashing was started by Mario and I was willing to return the favor. Why don't you include him? You started this topic and you are entitled to like these misfits of course.
  15. Rainbow Lake is that place. Maybe you have trouble reading too?