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  1. HaHa That was going to be my very next question. It's even more fun if you use "MA" which also yields Maryland, Alabama, Maine, Oklahoma. It seems that this would be easily rectified (at least for new Members) by using one of those clickable pull-down lists that contains the complete state names and making this a compulsory part of the sign-up process? Iain
  2. I received an E-mail from a CAG Member asking for info regarding out-of-date contact details for one of our MA members. However, I have been unable to find the mechanism to do a "Member" search. Did this go AWOL during the upgrade or am I just not looking in the right place? Any info would be very welcome. Regards, Iain
  3. I have one returned name/address for the Newsletter.  Do you know anything about this person?  Is h e on your membership list for MA?

    Jeremy Giordano

    186 Marsden Ct

    Springfield, MA01109

    Thanks, John Torchick, Editor


  4. Now I feel much better!
  5. Seems like I've been stuck at 2908 for an eternity! Iain
  6. Hi Andy Mine arrived Friday February 17th. Many thanks. Iain
  7. Not sure about that. I think "Whitey" is mid-20s........though he/she might have added a few pounds while hanging in California. I seem to recall Airforce Bob posting a pic of an orange koi of 32-33 pounds that came out of the St Lawrence a couple of years back? Iain
  8. Mario My post was purely instructional. I assuredly had no intention of stealing due credit from the creative geniuses (genii?) of the Amsterdam coffee houses! Iain
  9. Hi Stephen Chill dude! It's called intentional disqualification. Iain
  10. And a few more....... Carpdaddy with "Yellowfin" Iain
  11. OK Here are a few from my archives that I am quite fond of. Iain p.s. The mirror was being played by Carpdaddy.
  12. Pat This is a nice idea. Can I include carp caught by other members? I find that carp always look better when held by a gallic gnome for some reason. Iain
  13. Dave For a mere $25 a year you could have your own personal copy of every NACA story delivered to your door. Iain
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