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  1. Big Ted

    First Fish In of the Year?

  2. Nah! he is trying to stay away from the freezing weather! Come to central TX!
  3. Big Ted

    This One Was Just Freaking Weird ~~~~~

    I caught a fishing line that had broken off and attached to that line was a very large fish. I grabbed the line with my hand and it proceeded to give me "mono" burn and broke off. I have to assume it was a large catfihs or carp.
  4. Come to central/south TX and I would love to have you!
  5. Happy B day sir! (salute)
  6. Big Ted

    First Carp!

    Good stuff. I love the enthusiasm! It is definitely addicting.
  7. Big Ted

    Carp Camping As We Speak

    I Love those green carp! WTG Cristian!
  8. Big Ted

    Pet Carp!

    yall shoulda seen Mike's green Israeli mirrakoi he cauh this year. WINNING!
  9. Big Ted

    Beautiful Mirror

  10. Big Ted

    2012 May Big 4 Finale!

    Sweet! I won something! And I had a blast doing it! How do we claim our prizes?
  11. Big Ted

    Lets See Your 30S

    My PB Grasser at 39# 8 oz. This fish was 49" long. The below is my only 30+ common I have ever caught and a 38 to boot!
  12. Big Ted

    Baldwinsville Tournament Pictures

  13. Big Ted

    Ga Vs Ma Big-4 Rumble

    GEEZ Louise Bigbird! 400+# of fish in 2 days? That is just silly.
  14. Big Ted

    Pb Mirror's

    I love mirrors! There is no prettier fish...save a koi and mirror koi to ever tug a line