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  1. Nah! he is trying to stay away from the freezing weather! Come to central TX!
  2. I caught a fishing line that had broken off and attached to that line was a very large fish. I grabbed the line with my hand and it proceeded to give me "mono" burn and broke off. I have to assume it was a large catfihs or carp.
  3. Good stuff. I love the enthusiasm! It is definitely addicting.
  4. I Love those green carp! WTG Cristian!
  5. yall shoulda seen Mike's green Israeli mirrakoi he cauh this year. WINNING!
  6. Sweet! I won something! And I had a blast doing it! How do we claim our prizes?
  7. My PB Grasser at 39# 8 oz. This fish was 49" long. The below is my only 30+ common I have ever caught and a 38 to boot!
  8. GEEZ Louise Bigbird! 400+# of fish in 2 days? That is just silly.
  9. I love mirrors! There is no prettier fish...save a koi and mirror koi to ever tug a line
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