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  1. Thanks for organizing the event Dave, it was great to meet some new guys and get together.
  2. Fantastic Dave! I can't think of a more deserving guy to get it!
  3. Wow what a session, and yes I agree those long ones can be exhausting!
  4. That's what the CAG is all about!
  5. I must agree and reiterate that bug spray transferred to your bait is bad. Thus, I put great effort into avoiding touching my face with my hands while fishing. If you get into the habit of touching your face with your arm instead, or putting your fingers under you sleeve you'll have less worries. I also make an effort to frequently grab some sand or silt from the bottom of the lake and "wash" my hands with it since the spray is oily and hard to get off. This obviously applies for sunscreen too. Am I overdoing it....maybe, but it gives me confidence so I go with it! Tight lines!
  6. Welcome John, I'm always up for fishing with new people, contact me if you'd like to get together sometime!
  7. Fantastic Dave, it couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy!
  8. lockman21

    2011 Big 4 Finale!

    Well done gentlemen! Special cheer for Dave P, our dedicated RI state chair!
  9. This Spring has been second to none, lots of big fish!
  10. Hi All, I'm Jeff Allard. I've been fishing RI and Carp for a handful of years now with some great success so far. I found the key to success is to fish with as many other carp anglers as possible, ask lots of questions and watch everything they do. In doing this you will get many new ideas, sometimes conflicting, but it'll give you many new things to try for yourself. I'm always happy to fish with anyone, newbie or seasoned to share ideas so feel free to contact me. I'm in Northern RI and do a lot of fishing in the Blacksone River.
  11. Despite blanking, it was a fun day. Being with friends and having lines in the water is always a good mix, no matter the weather. Thanks Jerome for the work you put into this event, it is appreciated Jeff
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