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  1. My North American record mirror carp at 59.4lbs caught on December 12th 2020 caught somewhere in the Midwest.
  2. Had pretty good action today from about 8am tell noon and somewhere around 10 Fish hit the mat. All low to mid doubles with the biggest being a 26.2 and a 20.13 all on iq d rigs and 16mm Manila wafters.
  3. I’ve looked at that canal up your way micheal. Any size to the fish in there? Looks very carpy.
  4. Nope. Everything but that and the rods as always when leaving. Funny how often that happens.
  5. A steady baiting campaign has kept me from blanking this year but the numbers have dwindled and I’ve had 2 today. A uper double and this 20.7 as I was packing up.
  6. A combination of steady pre baiting and great weather has been giving me some good results for what is usually a terrible month to fish. Last week I had my first fish of the year (2nd pic) was a 20.4 I had 5 bites that day landing 4/5 due to a cutoff. Today I had one bite and it went 22.3. Hopefully the trend continues.
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