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  1. redpeachpackbait

    How To Register For The FFF

    I"m In Just hope I don't get any more rain for the rest of the year!!!
  2. redpeachpackbait

    Too Cold?

    Yes they will feed but slowly. River carp will feed better than lake carp. When the water get cold, so head to a river.
  3. redpeachpackbait

    NC Cag Fish-In Report

    Had fun with the NC CREW as always. Got to test out the new rod and reel witch did great playing both of my fish. Maybe the next one my son Daniel will get on the board with a fish. All in all great time with great friends and my son.
  4. redpeachpackbait

    10 Carp Over 40Lbs In One Year?!

    WTG . You just keep hauling in those big carp over and over. Two worlds for you- :yourock: :yourock:
  5. redpeachpackbait

    Something Worth Posting

    sounds like some people like there freedom but dont want to hear about how the get to live free!!!!!
  6. redpeachpackbait

    Something Worth Posting

    That's the truth
  7. redpeachpackbait

    Fishing In Tennessee ?

    ok thanks Mite see if I cant land a couple while I'm down there!!!! Anyone with some other good spot's ?
  8. redpeachpackbait

    Fishing In Tennessee ?

    Does anyone live in Murphysboro that would like to fish the weekend after thanksgiving? I will be there and would like to fish atleast 4-5 hour. Let me know if you would like to meet ip with me!
  9. Very Nice and congrats on the new PB!!!!!
  10. redpeachpackbait

    Couple Of 30+ Gorgeous Mirrors With Dad.

    Very nice Scott. Keep pulling them out , you are on fire!!!!!
  11. redpeachpackbait

    New Nc Lake Report

    Nice job guys!!!
  12. redpeachpackbait

    Potential Ri Record Common Realeased

    Nice catch and thumbs up to the release! !!!
  13. redpeachpackbait

    Summer Carp Fishing Pictures!

    nice Video and some Nice carp too
  14. redpeachpackbait

    Fs: Chub Gear

    All I can Say is YOUR killing me with these prices... Someone is going to get a good deal!!!!!!!
  15. redpeachpackbait


    Congratulations on both pb's!!!!