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    I am a Fisherman and most of all a Family man. You will find me at work or with the family. I am Blessed to have found that Happiness that most truly Wish for!

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  1. Louis, Happy B"Day and a Wish for Many MORE!


  2. Happy B'Day Oldman! I truly Wish you amny more and keep the knowledge flowing!


  3. Happy B'Day young man!


  4. Happy B'Day Oldman! I hope that you are Enjoying your SPECIAL Day with multiple runs and screaming alarms!!


  5. He is one for the books! He has earned my respect as well and I Thank Him as well! HOPPY4
  6. You are Welcome Youngman! If you are looking to make the initial move into Alarms, I would suggest the Resistance Tackle ones. Tell Andy that HOPPY4 sent you! Having a LEVEL Head on you when it comes to Carp Fishing equipment is an asset that will be your friend. If you cannot Justify the purchase by use or by financial situation, then leave it or wait until you can!


  7. At the end of the post below, I said Make an Offer!!!

  8. Hello, I have the original CarpSounders F-1s from Germany. They were purchased in 05 and have beeen used since then. There are 4 of these and also a remote as well. All are operational (Green one does not sound, but the remote signal is operational). The set includes 4 alarms (Red, Green, Blue & Yellow with remote Receiver and original case)! When purchased, they were Euro 600.00! M...

  9. Good Morning,

    Yes, I may be willing to part with a SET of alarms. I would consider selling my set of CarpSounder F-1s.

    J. Hopkins


  10. Happy B"Day Anna!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Neil, yes I am still around! I read more and post from time to time when someone ask a speciffic question. The fishing is still on the front burner as they say and I am out almost every Saturday from 06:00 to 15:30 hours. This turns out to be my workday and I Enjoy it to the fullest. Thanks for the reply and I Hope that you can check out the ACE alarms as they are Special!


  12. Happy B'Day Oldman!!!!!!!


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