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    I am a Fisherman and most of all a Family man. You will find me at work or with the family. I am Blessed to have found that Happiness that most truly Wish for!

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  1. James H. Hopkins (HOPPY4) I would like to participate in the FFF 2019 Maryland/Washington D.C. Hains Point Washington D.C.
  2. OK, not seeing the full view of the fish makes this difficult. From what I can tell, 18 to 20 lb. may be close. Best guess with limited view!
  3. He was a True Fisherman and a Great FRIEND!!!!!! Rest in Peace my FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!
  4. We Enjoyed the day Fishing at the Tidal Basin. I fished with Rick and had the opportunity to speak with Luke and a young man named Gonzalez that was a breath of fresh air.
  5. Hello Luke, Will the other side of the Basin be part of the Fish-in aswell???????
  6. Well Done Capt. as the Old Place looks Great! A real Recovery from the Past!!
  7. Congrats to Rick and Matt on having a Great Day. Although I could not be with them yesterday, I still feel like I was a part. Well Done Gentlemen and I hope that we are able to fish together next year! HOPPY4
  8. Very Nice Capture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
  9. A Very Beautiful fish! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Happy B'Day Cool Dad Gill a man who we are Proud to call FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Congrats toYou!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I should be there without a doubt! i am looking forward to fishing it again as the last time was GREAT! HOPPY4
  13. Distance will determine your venues! Enjoy!
  14. That looks like a Very Good Day! Congrats!
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