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  1. R.Buchanan

    2016 Midwest Regional "The Fourth Awakens"

    My mistake! The Hoosiers need to fill 14 slots in order to have a full team.
  2. R.Buchanan

    2016 Midwest Regional "The Fourth Awakens"

    It looks like the Buckeyes are serious this year! Come on Hoosier Carpers. We still have 24 spots to fill in order to have a full roster. No need to wait until the last minute. I'm sure Paul would like to have an idea on how many anglers will be participating this year as soon as possible in order to be able to make decisions affecting zone designations, among other things.
  3. R.Buchanan

    The 2015 Midwest Regional "Trilogy" May 2nd & 3rd

    Add me to the Indiana roster. I'm already paid up and ready to go. I hope it's a little warmer this year than it has been the last two. Either way, I'm fishing.
  4. R.Buchanan

    Caught my first carp today

    Way to go! Congrats! Those are some awsome fish. Welcome to the club. Keep us posted on your success.
  5. R.Buchanan

    Fish On!

    The pic says it all. Great fish. I know it's just the begining of many more on the mat. Congrats! Thanks for sharing.
  6. R.Buchanan

    Trilene Big Game

    Perhaps your trouble is due to your rod having too low of a Test Curve (TC) rating. The higher the TC the more play you have in the end of the rod. Try a rod with a TC of 3.0 to 3.5 and see if that stops your break offs. Also, you may be using a lead that is too heavy or too much pack bait on the lead. Try experimenting with different lead weights and amounts of pack bait around the lead to see if makes a difference. Hope this helps.
  7. R.Buchanan

    Rain, Lightning, Thunderstorms, Catching Carp

    That looks like Bill's truck next to yours. Did he blank or was he just being camera shy? It looks like once again Sterling was good to you. Thanks for sharing your time on the bank with us. I look forward to fishing with you again soon. Roy
  8. R.Buchanan

    Big Fish Little Pond

    Looks like the conditions were just right for that swim. I don't recall you reporting that class of fish coming out of Mill Pond in any previous posts. Congrats! As always, great write up and great fish. Scream'in runs, Roy
  9. R.Buchanan

    Fishing Bank Bullies - Not Cool

    Well Brian, you already witnessed me loose my temper back in June when we fished Sterling State Park and the same thing happened. Fortunate for me there was only on guy trying to help himself to our bank space. I don't blame you for just leaving when the odds were against you. However, like I said before, we have to stand up to these bullies or they will just keep on bullying. There is no doubt in my mind that they casted over you lines on purpose just to get you p. o.'d so you would do exactly what you did, leave. I advoacte we push for the same rights that hunters have. Most states have laws against hunter harassment. Why not laws against angler harassment. Perhaps a new law such as this would at least make them think twice before the attempt to push you out of your personal space. Sorry for your ruined day. Hope you haul next time you go. Roy
  10. R.Buchanan

    A day in the capital!

    Well done fellas. I wish I could have been up there to join you. I haven't been able to get up the MI as much as I would like. However, I did get a new PB Buff at Sterling State Park while I was there back in June. Keep the pics and stories comming. Roy
  11. R.Buchanan

    The 2014 Midwest Regional "Rematch" May 3rd & 4th

    Thanks Amos, Bill, and Marshall. I look forward to fishing with all of you as well. It's been a long winter. I hope the water level on the Saginaw drops considerably before the event. Last I heard it was still at flood stage.
  12. R.Buchanan

    Easter Sunday Carp Session

    I used to fish that spot alot on hot August nights when nothing else would bite except hungry carp. Ofcourse that was 20 years ago when I lived in MI and I didn't know anything about carp fishing. We used to squeeze the water out of a handful of oatmeal and attach it to the hook with spawn wrap to keep the yellow belly cats from stealing our bait. We didn't have any bait runners or rod pods back then and all of us took turns jumping in the water to retrieve our poles after a carp yanked it off the bank when we weren't paying attention. I'm glad to see that the carp are still biting down there.
  13. R.Buchanan

    The 2014 Midwest Regional "Rematch" May 3rd & 4th

    Andy, Please add my name to the stand-by list for Team Indiana (Roy Buchanan). I plan on attending the event even if a slot doesn't open up for me to fish. Sorry for the late notice. I just transferred to another duty location and I will now be able to make the trip. I look forward to seeing everyone again this year. Roy
  14. R.Buchanan

    Awesome day off school!

    Thanks for sharing fellas. I need to warn you now to keep an eye on your bait bucket next time we get together. I definately need to find out what your secret is! lol I wish you both continued success. P.S. I see that Bill W. is done for the season. I guess since he broke the 30 lb mark he feels that he has accomplished all he can for 2013. I will be sure to give him a hard time the next time I talk to him. Scream'in Runs! Roy
  15. R.Buchanan

    Two PB's broken

    I wish I would have stayed an extra day and went fishing with you fellas. I was driving down I 69 on my way home to Greencastle , IN when the pics started coming in to my cell phone. I almost turned around but by then I was already 3 hours into my drive. Great job to everyone. I'm especially happy for Bill. Way to go brother-in-law! You have definately been working hard towards that 30 lber. Congrats!!!!!