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  1. Great job Dean and to all that contributed.
  2. What was the food plans again? Also, who else other than Brian, Paul, Darren, and myself are going?
  3. That's awesome and amazing that Ohio has already filled out their roster! Great job Looking forward to battling it out again.
  4. Awesome Dan and Juan! Don't forget to register through the CAG store. Looking forward to seeing ya guys!
  5. Welcome aboard Martyn, Not many members from Michigan in your area, but you have plenty of top notch fisheries not only in Michigan, but some of the best in the US. The St Joe is a great river with lots of character, challenges and quality fish. Our core group of Michiganders usually will wander over to your side of the state to fish the Holland area, Benton harbor, Muskegon and a few others from may through September ish. Keep us all up to date on your ventures and tight lines!! Andy
  6. Epic movie!! I'd have paid good money to buy the DVD, the big players should take serious note of their style of filming....pure pashion! So proud of these gents.
  7. Never fished there,but have fished a few places on Mott lake and multiple places on the Flint river below Mott lake. Excellent fishing, largest known caught amongst the carp anglers was a 38+ lber by DrewDaddy. Most of the Michigan guys are now on Facebook instead of the forum. Our group is most active February through June, then it get real quite..... I'm Andy Sprinkle BTW, always here to help answer any questions. Tight lines, Andy
  8. I used to fishabove the dam, great fishing....
  9. Sweet job Austin!! Looking forward to your adventures in England.
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