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  1. Great job Dean and to all that contributed.
  2. Trophies is something I'd like to see.
  3. Yep, has the design and everything, did them all last year. I posted a few times before I left the bod the details on where we get all the printing materials...I sent a ton of the biz cards to the state chair director to mail out to anyone who needs them, he also was sent brochures and decals.... BTW Brian, Carl can do all kinds of cool stuff, custom decals for rods, net handles, truck windows, etc... Best dude to deal with and has always picked up when called....that's rare these days...
  4. Brian, Please have the bod do their printing with Carl. He's made all the cag biz cards I had sent to state chairs last year, decals, brochures, log books and more, usually near cost....support those that support us...screw staples...lol
  5. Been telling the bod that for months....same goes for decals, brochures, biz cards and other printing needs... Had hoped he would have been contacted by now. Carl always did us proud and was a real pleasure to work with.
  6. Glad you relocated Brian, hope to see ya again this year a few times. I'm sure you'll like a few of the new bait flavors Man oh man, it was a blast working with you! Sprinkle/Kok...lol! I wish you all the best as well, can't wait to see your future adventures...who knows, maybe I'll be lucky enough one day to escape and invade Mexico with you. Thanks bro, The Ol Bait Stop is in the past, on to a new venture in the background doing the R&D.... Well thanks for the kind words! Appreciate that. It was a pleasure to serve the club and it's many awesome members.
  7. Pleasure was all mine. If only the members knew half of what you have truly done for the club and also at times when it was needed most. I truly appreciate all your efforts and the time we spent on the bank...some classic and highly memorable moments for me, Nikki and my brothers. Will never forget the good times, now kick some arse at the ATC!!!!!!!!!! Ha, sounds good to me You keep on with the great work your doing within your state. Thanks for all you do for the club. Much appreciated, some good folks have stepped in to take it to the next level and that makes me very happy. TBS is dead and buried...., but all the things I have come up with since (and then some) then will be released this spring at some point...I'm only doing the R&D side though. Thanks Pat, now if only I can get out and catch 2% of all the cool fish you catch, I'll be a happy man...lol!
  8. I know Dan, the years have flown by! Your assistance during my term and the friendship we built is something I really appreciate. Looking forward to seeing ya in Holland! Tight lines till then Thanks Marius, Hope all is going well and good for you. Thanks Bro, It was awesome to spend a bit of time with you in Texas and also to chat about our families growing. Hope everyone on your end is doing great and then some! Appreciate the kind words on the baits. Hopefully you'll like some of the new editions coming later this spring.... Be good to see you again Robert, I have a lot of fishing to catch up on and I'd like to do a bit of that with you....bring some extra grub and tea
  9. Ha just saw it too....Thanks again Dan for all the fun times and experiences! Hope to see ya again soon!
  10. Deep thanks bud! Looking forward to harassing Sassy and having a brew ha or 10 with ya next time we see ya in the following months We'll see what we concoct this time, just have to remember to write it down..lol! Awesome, I'll cash in on that one day!
  11. Thanks Paul, Can't wait to fish with ya! I'm working on ideas right now and will present them within the next week or so....
  12. We did have some fun and I'm proud to have worked with ya...you have to hold the record for most State Chairs signed up in the least amount of time...kudos!! Like you, I'm going to focus on my local scene and get back to hosting fish-ins and fun stuff Appreciate that Bill, All the best with the CCC if Lake Storey becomes the venue. Pics look good! Thanks Bob, I've very happy that you took the helm and built a great new team, I wish you all the best and will always be around to assist with anything needed, unless it's work...HA HA! Hey Iain, Appreciate the kind words and your personal support with the club when it had it's hand out , We'd love to host you here in Michigan!....hmmm maybe I'll revisit that old program "Carper Exchange Program" one of these days that Mario and I had put together and dust it off. As for the bait....February at some point is sounding good
  13. Thank Bob, All the best with the Ohio Winter Social! Trying to decide on a date for mine.... Looking forward to seeing ya in May!
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