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  1. Ccc In Chicago Sun Times

    sorry I guess my sarcasm didnt come thru my post was made tounge in cheek
  2. Ccc In Chicago Sun Times

    Wow with this silly argument kinda glad I didnt fish it. Makes me wonder about what I got into with my membership...
  3. Here We Go.........get Ready....get Set........

    Welp the change in dates has put the screws to me. If it stays the same dates I will never be able to fish it......
  4. Want To Fish The Ccc But....

    I wont be able to make it this year so you can go ahead and send it to me instead thank you
  5. C C C Registered Participants

    Cant get the logistics together so please remove me from entries, maybe next year
  6. Illinois Fishing License

    I clicked on the non resident liscense and it shows a 24 hr sport liscense for 5.50
  7. Want To Fish The Ccc But....

  8. Want To Fish The Ccc But....

    I want to come up for the CCC but have not recieved my membership packet of card or anything like that so I'm not sure what I should do ???
  9. Illinois Fishing License

    Which one do we get the 24 hour sport fishing liscense ??
  10. Welcome to the CAG forums