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  1. Idaho state record is 67+ it's a BS bowcunter that holds the record but the record stands.
  2. Huge congrats guys. The grasser was 51 and change I think I saw on FB
  3. Great read Dean I'm looking forward to the next two. I'm in the process of trying to get my hands on a flour mill so I can grind up my own base mixes.
  4. Great guys to deal with no doubt and any issues or questions they're always willing to help.
  5. A couple more good informative videos thanks Brian
  6. These videos are far better than the garbage I see on tv. Perhaps you guys should send the video to WFN or the Outdoor Channel with some commentary on baits and tactics I wouldn't doubt it if they would put you on. Good luck with your spring (if it ever gets here) session. I will be looking for the video.
  7. I would like to hold a fish in at Blackfoot for anybody that would like to come. I am posting this now in hopes that it will give some people ample time to make plans and be able to make it. Dates are flexible for now to see what people think. I was thinking mid June to catch the fish pre spawn. Weather can be a bit iffy still this time of year since the reservoir does sit at 6000ft above sea level. Mick (Baitbucket) and myself have fished Blackfoot a few times end of may early June and had warm days and cold days snow and rain. So I was thinking mid to end of June in hopes the weather is a little more stable. Or we could shoot for early summer? I am open to ideas and I fully intend to fish Blackfoot a few times this year 2014 and see how the fishing is mid summer and maybe early fall. Anybody is welcome to join me on these smaller trips or if anybody plans to come fish it this year and want some company feel free to contact me. Two poles are allowed here with the purchase of a two pole permit. We are also NOT legal for chumming here so I would recommend you plan on using some form of pack, method, or lots of PVA. Most carp anglers that I know of fishing Blackfoot have fished the narrows near the dam. You can set up camp almost anywhere you wish around the reservoir but most fish near the dam. Access to this area is not something you want to do in a car unless they have fixed the unpaved road down to the water. It's more of a road suited for larger suvs or trucks it's a dirt road full of ruts. If we end up with any weather the dirt here turns to a soupy snotty mess. There is an area at the south end of the reservoir with actual camp grounds. I plan to fish that area this year to see what it's like. It would be a much better area for easy access and restrooms. Please post any questions you have here on this thread and I will do whatever I can to answer questions. I really want to make this happen and maybe make it an annual event. This is a venue that even our friend Dr.Neil Stern could manage a mirror. This place for me is almost magical. Every time you get a take you're almost guaranteed a mirror you just need to guess if its fully scaled or almost no scales etc etc....... I have attached several photos from a few different trips to show what could be expected providing we can get into some fish. Big ones small ones all unique and beautiful. Ok guys let the comments begin. Feel free to message me on here or facebook idahocarpin...
  8. Great videos guys. Well put together and some slobs put in the nets. WTG
  9. Nice little video even has commercials lol...... I love where he says a 2lb bass is NOTHING compared to that 2lb tank of a carp.. Some good info on rod play and I'm thinking I need to get me some Cherry Coke lol.....
  10. Looks like a good time I would have showed up just for the steak and twinkie dinner lol..... Looks a tad chilly too
  11. Thanks Dean I buy boilies from time to time but I usually make my own and when I lived in NY I fished the St. Lawrence at least one weekend every couple months and fished nothing but boilies like the way you describe and always did good. I'm just a bit frustrated with our no chumming laws. I know once the fish see the boilies as a food source they will become instant until then I will have to either buy or make some top quality baits and see how it goes.
  12. Craig that would be awesome and surely on the bucket list but I'd probably have to rob a bank to afford it. But looks like it would be worth it : )
  13. I am far from anti boilie and I'm sure they will work here I just haven't had luck with them yet. My question for you guys Craig, Brian, and Dean and any others that fish mainly boilies. Oh and Daniel obviously if I dump tons of boilies in the water they will get on them and see them as a food source NO CHIT.... So here in Idaho it's not legal to prebait and even if it was I can't afford to spend a ton of money on bait and nobody is going to give it to me for free. I don't mind spending money on some bait but I need the biggest bang for my buck. The only way (LEGAL) way for me to get extra bait in the water is using stringers or pva bags and it's kind of a gray area but technically legal since it goes out attached to the hook. Do you guys do a lot of prebaiting? What do you guys do when fishing a new water and one that has likely never seen a boilie and you can't prebait it. Feel free to send me a pm I am seriously interested in all your answers and this thread seems to have turned into a pissin match.
  14. I have had good luck with several different types of baits. On the St. Lawrence around Waddington Boilies were my go to bait. Some of my spots on the Seneca river flavored maze or tigers worked best but here in Idaho Pack and puff have worked the best for me locally and my few trips to Blackfoot Tigers landed me more fish than anything else. Don't mean to stir the pot Craig but using Kevin and Terry as examples for boilies doesn't really apply here since most of the fish they target are raised on boilies. Now I'm not saying they cant come here and get on fish but it usually takes longer to get fish on them for me anyway. I usually fish one rod with some form of pack and one with either a pop up or snowman and either a stringer of freebies or a small pva bag with some crushed boilies and the pack rod will out fish the boilies rod 10 to 1 I'm all ears if you have any suggestions for me feel free to post or send me a pm.
  15. I wanna fish France. I also enjoyed the reactions from the people walking by. I fish a few small lakes where it's like that and the people are always amazed at the size of the fish that are in them.
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