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  1. Great guys to deal with no doubt and any issues or questions they're always willing to help.
  2. still impatiently awaiting the arrival of mine here in Idaho : (
  3. They also send out emails when your membership is dues are coming up.
  4. Your membership will span a year from your sign up date. BOD will send you a email reminder when your year is coming due.
  5. I have been in their shop a dozen times in Waddington and they helped me out several times. With lending me a extra net for a long session with friends and sold me a used jrc net handle for $10 when I broke mine. They always were happy to share local spots and what baits were working best. Nice guys.
  6. I got no spam either
  7. I use some of his flavors with my boilies and need to order more they are great.
  8. Good deals and fast shipping to boot.
  9. Since the fly fishing section was changed to paying members only there has been ZERO activity so no worries you haven't missed anything. I am all for getting more paying members and helping the club but it makes no sence at all to make the smallest part of the forums to pay only members.
  10. Do you guys have pricing on these yet? They look like a great addition to anybodys gear.
  11. Saweet cant wait to start reading.... Mick for your wife's sake your breath is baited with something fruity and not green lip muscle or some funky stuff haha
  12. LOL......It was both of us but he wasnt sold on it and I was one of these days I will have to put in a order with you. I hope everything is starting out good.
  13. Hi Matt good luck with everything I hope you like the name I picked it
  14. Josh you make sure you let me know when that day comes I will be happy to meet you there.
  15. I keep looking at all the pics and there are some awesome ones on here. I keep thinking some of those Mexico spots would be nice some day. lol
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