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  1. I would love to get in on these but my work schedule has me working on those Saturdays,any chances on a sunday tournament in the near future?
  2. 4th Annual Miller Park Fall Classic

    Nice catches guys!
  3. 4th Annual Miller Park Fall Classic

    Sorry guys I bailed on you a 6 this morning hope the bite picks up for you today.that rain and cold fog/mist took the fight outa me.next time!
  4. 4th Annual Miller Park Fall Classic

    It will be my first time but I will give it a go, any address that I can plug into my garmin?
  5. Miller Park Advice?

    Thanks guys I will keep you posted,any weed issues in september?
  6. Miller Park Advice?

    Thinking of making my first trip to miller park in bloomington any advice on a cheap place to stay and where to fish? probably venture out in sept oct.thanks
  7. Fox River

    Ok guys I have moved to Aurora and am near downtown but haven't fished the fox for carp so anyone have a few spots they would like to share? thanks guys
  8. Pb Joliet

    Very nice fish,I was just down the sidewalk from you guys and had nothing over 7 but it was a nice day!
  9. Please Let Us Know When You Recieve Your Naca Calendar

    Got it 1/10 in 60565
  10. Please Let Us Know When You Recieve Your Naca Calendar

    Nothing in 60565
  11. FFF 2012 - Reporting Results

    7lb 7oz was the best I could do today dang it was windy! Cory has a pic and was nice to meet in person! both my nephews blanked.
  12. FFF 2012 - Reporting Results

    Just got my two nephews of 17 and 18 to take my partners spot.so we are good other than the thermometer
  13. FFF 2012 - Reporting Results

    my partner just backed out on me for Joliet, so I will have to see if anyone near me can witness or will a picture and my word be good enough? forgot to pick up a thermometer also so I will have to see what readings my neighbors are getting.should still be fun
  14. How To Register For The FFF

    I am in with my brother in law!!
  15. First Fishing Folly - FFF 2012 - Official Kick-Off!

    Ok so there will be no peg draw just kinda first come first serve basis?