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  1. I made a video, and working on another one. Please watch it and click like if you liked it! post your videos on here too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j79QSLv9WFQ&feature=share

    Busse Woods

    Busse Woods, the one place I said I'd never fish. I live so close to this place and have fished for bass so many times there but barely catching fish. I have never really fished much for carp over there, only a few times but no success. So this year I've decided to give it another try. I went to the Main Dam and along the Salt Creek it runs into and was able to catch a couple. I was just on my bike so I didn't have the usual gear, just 1 rod and a small amount of method mix to put on a bait feeder, no chumming. To my surprise, I got this nice 12 lb 8 oz common on a peach pineapple boilie topped with a piece of plastic corn -

    My Annual Trip To New York State

    its nice to see you guys are catching!

    Belly Of The Beast

    nice fish!! nice pic!

    Waukgen Harbor?

    I'm gonna give it a go! more than 6 hours, im doing 16 hours! post to follow....

    Night Fishing Carp

    Did some night fishing myself last night! We got about 10 carp. Lost a few from hook pulls and one broke off, but the line had been tied once after like 15 fish so it was due to eventually break. It was a new location for me. Didn't know what to expect
  7. Here is my submission for Wisconsin big fish. 29 LB 01 OZ. It was a long and cold day to be fishing. The day was nearing an end with only a few small fish to speak of. Finally at the last moment, the one I was hoping and waiting for finally arrived! http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=48098

    Carping April In Harbor...

    very nice post! I want to try this spot now!

    Back To Back 30's

  10. CARPJT

    Some Crabtree Carp

    nice fishes! what is a crabtree carp mean?
  11. CARPJT

    Sagnasty = New Pb

    nice fish, looks like a good time!
  12. CARPJT

    Illinois Fish-Ins 2012

    maybe they've grown, one guy got a 20 lb from busse, he's got a youtube video on it and everything. there is one section that has KOI.
  13. CARPJT

    Illinois Fish-Ins 2012

    I want to have a fish in, at Busse woods, mainly just curious what size carp are in there, and if everyone is there then we can find out.
  14. i know its not for sale anymore, but just wondering, is the bottom removable on this model?
  15. CARPJT

    Broke My Pb Again!

    plastic corn!