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  1. I made a video, and working on another one. Please watch it and click like if you liked it! post your videos on here too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j79QSLv9WFQ&feature=share
  2. Busse Woods, the one place I said I'd never fish. I live so close to this place and have fished for bass so many times there but barely catching fish. I have never really fished much for carp over there, only a few times but no success. So this year I've decided to give it another try. I went to the Main Dam and along the Salt Creek it runs into and was able to catch a couple. I was just on my bike so I didn't have the usual gear, just 1 rod and a small amount of method mix to put on a bait feeder, no chumming. To my surprise, I got this nice 12 lb 8 oz common on a peach pineapple boilie topped with a piece of plastic corn -
  3. I'm gonna give it a go! more than 6 hours, im doing 16 hours! post to follow....
  4. Did some night fishing myself last night! We got about 10 carp. Lost a few from hook pulls and one broke off, but the line had been tied once after like 15 fish so it was due to eventually break. It was a new location for me. Didn't know what to expect
  5. Here is my submission for Wisconsin big fish. 29 LB 01 OZ. It was a long and cold day to be fishing. The day was nearing an end with only a few small fish to speak of. Finally at the last moment, the one I was hoping and waiting for finally arrived! http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=48098
  6. very nice post! I want to try this spot now!
  7. nice fishes! what is a crabtree carp mean?
  8. nice fish, looks like a good time!
  9. maybe they've grown, one guy got a 20 lb from busse, he's got a youtube video on it and everything. there is one section that has KOI.
  10. I want to have a fish in, at Busse woods, mainly just curious what size carp are in there, and if everyone is there then we can find out.
  11. Okay so if any of you remember last time about a month ago I broke the 20lb mark with a 23lb 8 oz common. Now I am proud to present a 29 lber !!!
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