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  1. Masonic Carper

    List of participants

    Is there a list of anglers that have registered??
  2. I would like 1 Gold, Silver and Bronze medal with "CT 2016"

    200 x promotional brochures and 50  x Biz cards.


    Iain Sorrell, 551 Deercliff Rd, Avon CT 06001

  3. Tony,

    Good post.  Thanks for the offer. I don't need anything at the moment.  Making plans for a fall fish-in, but the guys who usually attend come for the fellowship and fun, and not for prizes or medals.  I still have a decent supply of CAG brochures and stickers, so I'm probably good for this year.

    Not much going on right now.  It's too HOT here in GA to do much fishing (we've had a stretch of more than a month with temps at least 90, except for just 1 or 2 days).  Most of us won't be fishing for more than a few short sessions until fall.

    Two years ago I ran a year long contest and awarded medals (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) for the "Outstanding Carp" caught in the state.  I had ZERO entries from CAG members and only a few from other anglers. As I said, most of the guys don't fish for awards.  Unless they're pay lakers fishing for cash, they're just fishing for the enjoyment of it.  I thought about trying it again, but based on that response, it might not be worth it.  Maybe next year???

    Anyway, I don't think I need anything this year.  I'll let you know later if I do for next year.  Meanwhile, good luck and "tight lines".

    Barry Shildneck,  Georgia State Chair

  4. Masonic Carper

    Interest? Aug. 5 Pre-CCC Big 5 Tournament at Two Rivers

    Frank..add me, Christine and sydney
  5. Please go to vote on CCC Thread. Thanks

  6. Masonic Carper


    Your name:Tony Stout Your CAG forum name:Masonic Carper Your state or province of residence:Indiana The state or province of your FFF 2016 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence:Same as residence Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/16)?:Yes,Sydney Wade
  7. I guess I am still in for 1 rod. Last tournament had 3 rods and barely any activity, maybe 1 rod will bring more fish. Frank, remember this, driving 3 hours to fish a 1 rod tournament...lol
  8. Masonic Carper

    WSCC 2016 May 21-22 2016

    Add Tony Stout and Christine Stout to the waiting list. What is the reserved spot for?
  9. Masonic Carper

    2016 CCC

    Lee Young and Two Rivers in Wisconsin is an awesome place.
  10. Frank, Can you add Ioan 'Jacob' Icob to the list please..thanks
  11. Masonic Carper


    Frank...can you add Bogdan, Mihai, and Jacob to the list of anglers...they will be paying their registration tomorrow...thanks
  12. Masonic Carper

    2015 CCC Fundraiser Donation Challenge.

    Rumor has it that some K-1 representatives from Chicago will be at the CCC, and 1 on them is a prior CCC champion.
  13. Masonic Carper


    Frank and Willem, I just purchased 2 entries for myself and my wife Christine Stout "Carpalicious"
  14. Masonic Carper

    FFF 2015 - Register Here!

    I would like to register myself, Christine Stout, Eric Tinsley and Justin Keaton. Name:Tony Stout CAG forum name: Masonic Carter Location: North Zone (Indiana) Minors:yes (1) Eric Tinsley Name:Christine Stout CAG forum name:Carpalicious Location:North Zone (Indiana) Minors:no Name:Justin Keaton CAG forum name:JKeaton1 Location:North Zone (Indiana) Minor:no