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  1. washingtoncarper

    Carping Washington State

    I've used all manner of baits here in the state. The first few years I started targeting carp exclusively, I used nothing but corn as hookbaits. Everything from canned sweetcorn and commercially made "carp corn", to pressure cooked feed corn mixed with various flavors, extracts, amino acids and dyes. I will say though, of all the various flavors and additives I used with corn, the best results came on feed corn cooked with either pineapple or peach flavoring, and a sweetener of some kind. These days, I tend to be more of a boilie fisherman. I've been fishing CC Moore Equinox and solid bags almost exclusively for the past two years. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. I tend to bait up with mixed particles (sweetcorn, feedcorn, hemp, pellets, panko, etc.) with a good mixing whole, halved and crumbled boilies, and let that work its magic for a day or so before fishing on top of it. If you're ever up for a day/weekend session, just let me know. I've got several hot spots over on the east side, and I'm always looking to meet up with fellow carpers to exchange tips and ideas with. My brother and I will actually be fishing the Moses Lake area from May 14th to the 18th. If you've got any free time, you're more than welcome to join us!
  2. washingtoncarper

    Carping Washington State

    Hey cam, I'm still here in the state and am actively carping every possible chance I get. I actually just went out for a short session yesterday!
  3. I just moved to Moses lake and I don't know anybody that carp fishes. 

  4. washingtoncarper


    +1 What tactics were employed?
  5. washingtoncarper

    Passing out brochures and cards

    Sounds like a great way to get the next generation hooked on carping! Go for it, and let us all know how it goes!
  6. washingtoncarper

    Best session to date!

    Here's a few pics of the other two tone I got at the second swim. The contrast isn't nearly as intense as the one in the other pics, but it was gorgeous none the less!
  7. washingtoncarper

    Anyone Out There?

    Brid, I've tried your email and tele, but neither seem to work. I'm very actively fishing, and would love to get together! Greg 425-772-8391
  8. washingtoncarper


    +1 I've been using the Gamakatsu G-Carp Specialist R hooks in size 6, and I have absolutely nothing but praise for them. The price is right, and they're very strong. I've been using them exclusively for the past couple months, and will be continuing to do so for the duration of my carp fishing. They're just as good (if not a tad bit better) than hooks two/three times the price. http://www.bigcarptackle.com/gamakatsu-g-carp-specialist-r
  9. washingtoncarper

    Best session to date!

    Thanks Jaffar, we had a blast! I put a lot of work into getting that fish, and I'm just glad it payed off!
  10. washingtoncarper

    Best session to date!

    Thanks guys, it was an absolute blast! Any one of you is welcome to come join us if you happen to be in the area. We're always looking for good folk to talk carp with! I forgot to put up a pic of our rig of choice and of the "staging area". It got pretty unorganized and hectic towards the end of our trip. As the days went on and more and more fish kept coming into the swims as we continued to catapult bait in it got to the point where we could only have one rod in at a time! It's funny, you don't really realize how much kit you've amassed over the years until it's spread out all over the bank! I think it's time to invest in a barrow...
  11. washingtoncarper

    Best session to date!

    My brother and I went on a carping expedition at the beginning of this month, and it turned out to be our best session we've had in the 4 years we've been doing it. We were fishing for a total of 5 days, and landed 52 carp with a gross total weight of 600 pounds 15 ounces. We caught several gorgeous mirrors, and a pair of stunning two tones (first ones ever!). We baited our swim with ~200 pounds of corn, hemp, pigeon seed, boilies and pellets. We fished a double boilie rig with a Korda solid filled with stick mix, pellets, panko, halved and crushed boilies wetted down with matching CC Moore Equinox liquid and Feedstim XP. The results were mind blowing! I finally crushed my PB of 15lb 12oz that had been standing for three years when I landed a stunning common of 20lb 3oz! It felt incredible to say the least, and I feel honored to have been able to be in the presence of such a creature! We'll be heading over to our spot in the fall to see if we can't get some larger fish, and possibly squash out new PB. Here's a few pics:
  12. washingtoncarper

    Any carp fisherman on the area ?

    I'm currently living in Everett, and I'm always looking for people to go carping with. There doesn't seem to be much of anyone in the state (or at least on the west side) that are interested in carp, other than as a bow fishing target. If you or anyone else in the state would like to get together, shoot me a PM!
  13. Great to see brothers bonding and fishing. My brother is my #1 carping partner. Cant imagine going on any of my own quests without him! Keeping the brotherly bond strong, good on ya'!
  14. washingtoncarper

    Carping Washington State

    Pardon my extremely long absence everyone, life has gotten in the way of me being active on the forum! I am still however very actively carping, and would love to meet up for a session! Brid and Chrismac, are you still wanting to meet up and share some bank space? I'll be heading over to Potholes/Moses on the 31st through the 4th for a carping excursion. You are both more than welcome to join!
  15. I cant wait for the article! I'm with barbelfloat on the thought that amino acids are a fascinating topic. I've been toying with the idea of experimenting with aminos for quite some time. I know that CC Moore's Minamino is the "original" formula from back in the 70's, or at least some semblance thereof. Mario, you mention that the main ingredient in the amino additive is the real key. CC Moore's description of Minamino states that it is derived from liquidized liver and spleen, to which they add vitamins, minerals, and various other aminos. Sounds disgusting, so I'm sure our cold blooded friends would love it (especially your channel cats barbel)!