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  1. 1. iPhone 12 2. May 3 2021 3. New Jersey 4. Jerome Moisand The cutie, the biggie and the beastly
  2. 1. iPhone 12 2. May 4 2021 3. New Jersey 4. Jerome Moisand Happy landing!
  3. For the rest of the year? Ah! When I am on a fishing trip, I often use a bag per WEEK!
  4. Thanks a lot for the update. Fingers crossed indeed. Chemo is so hard...
  5. Hey Paul, Next spring, I plan to revive the trip I had planned for spring 2019 and come to visit you. The extreme interpretation of no-chumming by local ND officials seems unique to this state, I don't think other no-chumming states would prevent you from using method balls or PVA bags. But then, I prefer to NOT ask overly precise questions in this respect when I travel around...
  6. Well, you know where to find it... Better prepared, next time!
  7. Yup. What the prez said. 😉
  8. Ken, Iain was referring to a fixed rig as opposed to a running rig. If you use a running rig, then the hooklink length may not matter as much. But in most situations, a fixed rig is more effective by making the fish hook itself as soon as the hooklink tightens. And then yes, a fairly short hooklink seems to definitely improve success rates, something I've seen clearly on underwater videos as well as in comparative tests. At least in venues without a lot of fishing pressure, but that's the case in 99.9% of the venues in North America. In the UK, it's another story... Let me suggest you giv
  9. Will Quebec follow... I hope they won't fall in exceptionalism...
  10. I didn't know that... Been 15 years, but still this undoubtedly may still have some consequences nowadays. Freaking viruses... I would also add that the St Lawrence ecosystem keeps changing. Many more gobies and many more fall fish (big ones!), just as an example. No clue about consequences (good or bad) on carp population, but it changes faster than one might think.
  11. Oh, don't misread me, I totally agree with your first sentence. Randomness definitely stays in full force though. But we can improve odds. Instead of 100 to 1, we can get to 10 to 1. Maybe. And that's a heck of an improvement. But let's not fool ourselves, there is very little determinism here. I was expressing deep skepticism about blowback rigs and correspond theories people make in their mind without any solid backing behind it (and then it becomes conventional wisdom through endless regurgitating, confirmation bias and so on). When seeing on video how powerfully carp spit out th
  12. To be honest, I don't believe much in this theory. When a carp spits out, it spits with such force that the entire rig go flying in a random manner. The idea that the bait moves and the hook stays straight behind seems ludicrous to me. Or at least this is I *think* I observed from underwater videos. All those rig variations undoubtedly work at one point or another, in the midst of tens of suck & spit. But it is much more a random outcome than rig designers believe. Or at least, this is my perception...
  13. I don't have any hard fact, but call me a tad skeptical about the hair attached to the eye. Irrespective of the dynamics within the carp mouth (which NOBODY has seen for real, even with underwater videos), this seems to be begging for tangles. What many people don't realize is that carp forage the bottom with their pectoral fins, sending everything flying around under water, rigs included. If there is a non-negligible probability that my rig will get tangled in the process, then that's a bad rig. But then maybe with stiff enough material, this isn't the case? As to Warwyck's anchor idea,
  14. Hey! Last time I caught the big mirror, it was 44lb, not 40lb... 😉
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