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  1. Thanks a lot for the advice. I bought one, received it this morning and it works great to remotely trigger either picture taking or video recording. Very cool!
  2. (my question is only meaningful if we do have a significant number of juniors participating, of course, i.e. more than a couple. Do we?)
  3. Hm, rule #5 is back to overly stringent constraints... Here is the text we had for the (canceled) Spring event: Seemed much more realistic to me. People may fish for several days out of coverage... Might be clearer to say: Upload your entries preferably within 48 hours of capture and certainly no more than 5 days during the period of the competition.
  4. Will be part of it... A small fishing trip planned at that time... 😉
  5. Words are escaping me. So I will just post this picture. Which seriously hits me.
  6. He's easy to find on Facebook...
  7. Most definitely. Try to contact the GA guys, e.g. Horace LaFavor, he'll tell you more...
  8. Hey Jerome

    I am a passionate British carp angler and now live in Boston.  I have been catching a few carp on The River Charles incl. two over 20lbs this year but keen to find some new spots to explore - any advice?

  9. That's cool! I definitely need to go to CO one day, if only to meet Amy! 2021, I think!
  10. We can fish two rods in North Dakota, correct? Using method balls and recasting each rod every 30 minutes should be reasonable...
  11. All my BIG-4 fish are courtesy of Stelian Bogdan and Ryan Munn, without whom I would never have succeeded to spar with those tough Claytons guys... Ryan even sacrificed his net in the process of landing the winning fish and taking pictures! Special shout-out to Chris Colmenero who climbed the rankings to 4th place while we were all starting to put our rods away... And many thanks to Iain and Willem for the logistics. It's always much more complicated to organize such an event than it seems... Iain, please remember my suggestion to add a junior prize next year!
  12. Ken and son, you should contact Barry Shildneck (e.g. on Facebook). He's the state chair for GA. And I believe he lives in the area you're referring to, or close. Very nice guy, always eager to help new carp anglers.
  13. Actually, amusingly enough, a local kid who is a quite dedicated fisherman, called me the other day and asked me the very exact same question. I thought this was a brilliant idea! He went to throw a good chunk in the water, he put some in his mix, and last time I heard he was catching like crazy!
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