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  1. 1. iPhone 8 2. November 18, 2020 3. On the bank of a big river in the Northeast 4. Jerome Moisand 5. Breaking the ice... to get corn
  2. Thanks, Iain. And... I got mixed up. Black carp are the snail eaters (like French people, LOL), not bighead carp.
  3. The Asian carp moniker makes very little sense. There is no meaningful commonality between grass carp, silver carp, bighead carp and other "xxx carp" denominations. Yeah, ok, they are all parts of the cyprinids family, but there are more than 1000 living species of those! Just consider the fact that silver carp (the madly jumping ones) eat plankton through filtering (like a whale!), that grass carp feed primarily on weeds (like cows), that bighead carp feed primarily on snails while common carp are true omnivores (like human beings!). Fact is all those "xxx carp" are just widely different spec
  4. You may want to play the lottery this week... Or maybe not (you definitely exhausted this week's quota of good luck!)... But hey, sometimes, luck does come to people who truly deserve it...
  5. Hey Mike. There will be a carp fishing social at horn pond in Woburn on Saturday November 7th, organized by another Mike! Let me know if you're interested. Also, I am back home, so if you want to go wet a line, my time is quite flexible... You can contact me at <jmoisand@gmail.com>.
  6. It's more than a ghostie. I think it is a very peculiar koi. So cool. Perfect for Halloween!
  7. iPhone 8 October 13 2020 Big river in PA Jerome Moisand Two rising suns
  8. iPhone 8 October 13 2020 Big river in PA Jerome Moisand The joy of self-timed pictures
  9. Hi Tyler, I'm sorry, I didn't notice this thread before. It seems that you decided to fish on the Canada side. Then yeah, all I know is Long Sault, which is stunningly beautiful and can deliver a lot of fish, but the average size isn't that impressive. I only spent a few days out there a decade ago, so I am not a specialist by any means. Did you go speak to the Long Sault motel folks? They used to be of good advice - yes, for carp fishing. Between Long Sault and Montreal, public access is hard to find from my limited experience. I didn't follow the shore towards Kingston. Now if you
  10. Hey Mike, I live in Arlington MA, just a few miles from you. I am traveling right now, but would be happy to meet and fish together in November... And VERY well done with your results, call me impressed.
  11. Cool pics, thanks for sharing. I'd be glad to learn more about fishing for drums, they seem to have quite a few commonalities with our favorite quarry...
  12. Rules were changed to request a photo title, thank you. As to the location, Iain told me that some level of flexibility may be allowed if the town isn't provided or is somewhat 'approximate'.... Would be better to have this in writing in the rules, imho, but ok, I'll take it.
  13. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
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