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  1. screamerdreamer

    River carping frustration!

    Oh yeah Chi! Been there, done that, back when I had a bass boat (which I hope to rectify next year)!!
  2. screamerdreamer

    River carping frustration!

    Cool, thanks for the tip on the Dipsey sinkers Chi, I'll check them out (and the braid). Ditto on the method leads, that is mainly what I use also (2.5 - 3 Oz. Fox Paste Bombs) but here on the Potomac, there are some main river spots that when the tide gets ripping (and when the fish seem most active) nothing can hold you except something like a 5 Oz lead so yeah, I think I will pick up a few as Lizardman suggested. Tight lines!
  3. screamerdreamer

    River carping frustration!

    Hi Lizardman529, thanks for your reply! I now have 12' 3.5 TC Diawa rods which should cast those 5 Oz. Korda Gripper leads you recommend. Using braid in this situation certainly makes sense, any brand you recommend? I've tried Suffix Fluorobraid which sinks but unfortunately I have found to be very inconsistent breaking off WAY too many fish so any braid recommendation you can provide would be welcome. I am currently using Fox Submerge 40# braid which I assume should work? My next step will be getting some back leads and giving this a shot. Thanks again!
  4. screamerdreamer

    FFF 2017 - Register Here!

    I would like to register: Your name:Blayne Beeler Your CAG forum name:Blayne Beeler Your state or province of residence:Virginia The state or province of your FFF 2017 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence:District of Columbia Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/17)?:No
  5. screamerdreamer

    River carping frustration!

    Thanks Chicarp. I think I was only getting that distance because I was using a method lead and was afraid I'd whip the method off the sinker if I wailed it too hard to get distance, You're line loading routine sounds quite ingenious! I was looking at those 9' salmon Ugly Stiks. I am afraid where I fish due to overhanging trees I'd have a tough time casting with a 12 footer so those might be a great compromise and a money saver. Coupling those with big pit reels might be the ticket. Thanks very much for the info and I will be looking into this further. Tight lines to you!
  6. screamerdreamer

    River carping frustration!

    Thanks Moon! That looks like the ticket. Yes I really don't like fluoro, but use it for bass fishing when necessary, but avoid it whenever I can so this looks like a good line to try. Really appreciate all the help for everyone on the forum! Once I get these suggestions incorporated I'll let everyone know how it goes.
  7. screamerdreamer

    River carping frustration!

    Thanks Todd! This might be the best route since there is much floating weed snagging my line. Wondering, since the line would lay along the bottom between the 2 leads with a back lead, would fluorocarbon main line be best since it sinks? I prefer braid and mono, but if I have to use fluoro I will. Thanks again for your help.
  8. screamerdreamer

    River carping frustration!

    Thanks streeker02, Definitely looking into a set of 12 footers and some big pit reels so I can reach those good ones I saw jumping! I was thinking maybe a backlead was the thing to look into but am not familiar with the concept. I see they have those at Big Carp Tackle. I guess it's like having 2 leads, one at your hook link as normal, and then a back lead below your rod tip to keep the line on the bottom under the debris. I'm going to research further but it appears this might be a possible solution. Thanks for the info!
  9. screamerdreamer

    River carping frustration!

    Thanks Brooklyn, Certainly makes sense. Hadn't made the investment yet in longer rods but looking at the Fox Warror S rods. This section of the river is not tidal so hopefully a longer rod set up high on my bank sticks or a pod will help, plus maybe I can get closer to those nice ones I saw jumping all morning!
  10. screamerdreamer

    River carping frustration!

    Hi all. Recent CAG member and newbie to Euro style carp angling (though I have fished for carp all my life, but now trying to go full Euro). Had a recent very frustrating river fishing outing I was hoping you good folks could assist me with. Fishing the Potomac River. Saw lots of nice carp jumping but way far away from my swim, across the river about 40 to 50 yard ( I estimate) or more. So at least knowing fish were present, I baited up and cast and spombed a good bit, hoping to draw some fish to my swim. It never happened, and I fished 7 hours catching but 1 small catfish! Here’s my frustration. I know with my present set up I could never reach were I saw those fish (an inaccessible from shore spot on an island). I have standard bait-runner reels using regular 7’ and 7’6” medium heavy spinning rods (I got maybe 20-25 yard casts max). If I got 12’ 3TC rods and Big Pit reels, could I expect to be able to cast that distance? Second, I was plagued all day long by piles of debris (mainly floating weeds in the moderate current) catching on my line, causing a huge bow until I learned to tighten my bait runner drag a pretty good bit, but still ended up with tons of debris (heavy!) and bows, and maybe my lead being dragged (no way to know for sure). I re-baited and re-cast often due to this. To minimize this (I doubt it can be completely cured) would I: -Use a heavier lead (a gripper type), keep my line as tight as possible, and keep my rod as high as I can in my bank sticks (or maybe use a pod like the Cygnet Grand Sniper D/L), while still keeping good contact with my bite alarms? Or is there some other strategies I should be employing? BTW I was using cured sweet corn as bait, with an oatmeal, grits and sweet corn pack on 1.75 oz. method and 2.5 oz. square in-line leads, both on bolt rigs, 1 rod with braid and the other mono. Sorry to be so long-winded, but would really appreciate any help. Many thanks! BTW I love reading the forum and am learning a lot!