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  1. Good job!!!.... Pics?.......................... MO
  2. Hi all!! Hope everyone is safe and healthy-goes for families too :)). I thought there would be more fisherman out, but its deserted around here. Any way, been fishin- and yesterday was great!. These two commons within the first hour, then lost 3 straight fish before these two beauties- a 6lb golden ghost and an 8.75lb "whiter" ghost. These fish "glow"/shimer" in the water. This spot has produced 5 additional ghosts, plus a couple mirrors and lots of 6-10lb commons. GO FISHING!- it will give you some solace-now more than ever!... Try as I might, I couldn't cacth Covid though and hopefully none of you do!!! Stay healthy! MO
  3. Well- for what its worth- 11-8 and 7-2 as my first (and evidently only :() CAG Big Four Spring 2020)........was so looking forward to it!......If Kansas is voted as National Champion ( and they shouldn't) then I make my pitch for CAG winner! (and I shouldn't just kidding ).............go fishing!- it'll truly bring solace and context to the world! While I was fishing, I watched 5 bluejays harass and be harassed by a sharp-shinned hawk- the acrobatics were indescribable!...........very peaceful!!........
  4. Here in kansas City, we are also "locked down" but it doesn't mean you cant go out and fish, which Ive done the last 2 days, flyrodding for bluegill and crappie, then catching two carp yesterday. Most things closed, but as long as you keep social distancing, you can go outside to parks, etc....... Stay healthy regardless. We will get through this! MO
  5. Awwww- that's rough. Kansas City is locked down, but outdoor activities are ok such as fishing, visiting parks, etc as long as you keep social distancing. Went fishing yesterday and caught my first 2 for the CAG..... yes- please transfer my funds to the fall and enter me into the raffle! Sorry we couldn't do this!....... MO
  6. Whats the "chow"?- you use panko and creamed corn and "chow" but we don't know what that is- rabbit chow? guinea pig chow?... thanks........... MO
  7. Looking for the Big 4 logo so i's can fish tomorrow!
  8. Not to lessen the severity or impact of all of our situations, and I hope none of you or your relatives get ill from the current outbreak, but I found a potential silver-lining with all this mess- we need some levity! THE CARP ANGLERS SHOULD TAKE CREDIT FOR INVENTING AND SUGGESTING SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!- ITS CALLED "PEGS" AND i WOULD IMAGINE IT IS VERY EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID 19!!!! Go forth and fish!!!!, but keep away from each other MO PS- I understand if webmasters remove this post- no offense taken.....
  9. Looks like the Humboldt/Sacramento sucker- not a carp............. MO
  10. It doesn't recognize the leaderboard-its really no problem. When the phone rings, I answer it :)....... just the way I was raised MO
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