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  1. I-phone 7 4/30/2021 Kansas City, Missouri Kirk Suedmeyer Evening anticipation
  2. Yeehaw!! Carpin Startin!- at least in the creeks!. Today caught 3 in an hour, the latter two a double! and one of those a very cool ghostie!-haven't caught a ghost from this part of the creek, but its miles long and carp move up and down all the time. Nothing big but that's creeks....the little 6lbr will didn' make the first round here, but he'll grow up. So strong on a 5' ultralight with 8lb test, on a creek -it is poor man's tarpon!!....lakes are heatin up- 41F two days ago and now 44F, so time to hit the lakes this weekend!.....good luck all!!!... MO
  3. I-phone 7 March 29, 2021 Kansas City, Missouri Kirk Suedmeyer "Ghost on the Water" .....get it?- A twist on "Smoke on the Water".....hee hee hee MO
  4. Ahhhh!- A Loch-leven brown!.....course the spots disappear when you cookum!!!...but they taste the same as the German brown....or so I'm told!....MO
  5. I-phone 7 March 5 2021 Kansas City, Missouri Kirk Suedmeyer Country Carp
  6. So.....we have a good stretch of nice weather, and I had 90 minutes to fish before work and had one take; one fish, a very nice 13lb creeker!!!.....Springs a comin!!! MO
  7. Had a couple hours over lunch today so........................WENT FISHING!!!!!, and, at one of my best places for all kinds of creek carp, caught this fully scaled (nearly so ) mirror. It was a little slow, didn't fight much, but was beautiful in the water and out. Just a nice day!! GO FISHING!!- in 3 months, the days get shorter!! MO
  8. First day off in a long time, first covid vaccine, and first with reasonable temps!- spring is definitely on its way and the pandemic is on the wane!!! Caught these 4 in quick succession-all typical creekers- 6-8 lbs but lots of fun!!! Go fishing-it gives ya peace of mind!!! MO
  9. 1. I-Phone 7 2. February 28 2021 3. Kansas City, Missouri 4. Kirk Suedmeyer Shadow carp angler!
  10. 1. I-phone 7 2. February 28 2021 3. Kansas City, Missouri 4. Kirk Suedmeyer
  11. WOW- that's some gooduns!!!- I need to vacation this year- maybe I'll hit ya up!! ...As opposed to others, I almost always fish 3 rods- Missouri allows any number of rods. I have had two triples in my short career and landed all 6- never forgot it!!!! -ya gotta try it!!!..... MO
  12. So.............................we are dipping to -15F tonight/tomorrow and everything's frozen-creeks, lakes, etc.......so it'll be pushing it to get a carp photo by the end of the month much less ANY fishing, but, daylength is longer and I'm patient!!!! MO
  13. 1. I-phone 7 2. January 29, 2021 3. Kansas City, Missouri 4. Kirk Suedmeyer In the shadows
  14. Naw- had to work all day and.............even the creeks were frozen and 4" of snow/ice overnight.....already behind for the year!!!! ughhhh!!! MO
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