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  1. Hello all!! Haven't been on the forum as much; still fishing but expanding my horizons- doing some river fishing, boat fishing, etc. and multiple species in multiple ways- even completed an IGFA bass grand slam (3 bass species in a day) and a bass super grand slam (4 species of bass in a day) to add to my trout grand slam, but still true to carp-even christened the boat as "MOCarper" 🤣🤣. This year I am recording every fish I've caught and pushing 700 right now, so possibly a 1000 for the year.... Well, anyway, still catchin fishes; Hope everyone is ok!. Stay healthy, Stay Covid
  2. I would also contact Jerome Moisand- a carping legend, who, I believe, has fished there numerous times... MO
  3. It's cause the chinese factories shut down- it'll pick up. I can't find lead sinkers.......haven't checked Big Carp Tackle in awhile................ MO
  4. Nice session! - sometimes its just nice to catch a couple in a short time and yes- river/creek carp are always stronger- they constantly swim against current-even if it seems like slack water, it isn't; though mostly smaller on average.......fishin's fishin!! MO
  5. I agree- state record carp for Rhode island- that's enough info for me!!! Way to go Dave!!!! MO
  6. Hey all!! I've been remiss in posting the last couple months, mostly due to the covid-thing, but also diversifying my fishing a little-boat/bank/day/night/fly/spinning/sets, etc. etc trout, bluegill, largemouth, spotted bass, red ear sunfish, green sunfish, white bass, drum, white and black crappie, golden shiners, channels, flatheads.-just passed the 400 count across species, but here's a compilation of some of my recent carpies in the past month or so- 2-21lbs, pushing 14lb average and have found a spot with no less than 13lbrs, but, just not as often-1-2/night instead of 1-2/hou
  7. Ummm.yeah, I gets out to fish a little- carp, largemouth and spotted bass, bluegill, red-ear sunfish ( master angler cert), trout, crappie, channel catfish-few people fishing which eases the pressure..........its one solace during these times. Hope everyone stays healthy!!... MO
  8. Good job!!!.... Pics?.......................... MO
  9. Hi all!! Hope everyone is safe and healthy-goes for families too :)). I thought there would be more fisherman out, but its deserted around here. Any way, been fishin- and yesterday was great!. These two commons within the first hour, then lost 3 straight fish before these two beauties- a 6lb golden ghost and an 8.75lb "whiter" ghost. These fish "glow"/shimer" in the water. This spot has produced 5 additional ghosts, plus a couple mirrors and lots of 6-10lb commons. GO FISHING!- it will give you some solace-now more than ever!... Try as I might, I couldn't cacth Covid though and hop
  10. Well- for what its worth- 11-8 and 7-2 as my first (and evidently only :() CAG Big Four Spring 2020)........was so looking forward to it!......If Kansas is voted as National Champion ( and they shouldn't) then I make my pitch for CAG winner! (and I shouldn't just kidding ).............go fishing!- it'll truly bring solace and context to the world! While I was fishing, I watched 5 bluejays harass and be harassed by a sharp-shinned hawk- the acrobatics were indescribable!...........very peaceful!!........
  11. Here in kansas City, we are also "locked down" but it doesn't mean you cant go out and fish, which Ive done the last 2 days, flyrodding for bluegill and crappie, then catching two carp yesterday. Most things closed, but as long as you keep social distancing, you can go outside to parks, etc....... Stay healthy regardless. We will get through this! MO
  12. Awwww- that's rough. Kansas City is locked down, but outdoor activities are ok such as fishing, visiting parks, etc as long as you keep social distancing. Went fishing yesterday and caught my first 2 for the CAG..... yes- please transfer my funds to the fall and enter me into the raffle! Sorry we couldn't do this!....... MO
  13. Whats the "chow"?- you use panko and creamed corn and "chow" but we don't know what that is- rabbit chow? guinea pig chow?... thanks........... MO
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