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  1. Carpfly

    November 2015

    Due to an extended warm period, the fishing remains decent. I am still managing to catch multiple fish in each session in the central Ohio region. The areas that have been productive are: Oshaunessy Reservoir-nothing remarkable in size but consistent low double digit fish caught with prepped field corn along with a small caged method feeder (primarily to attract) of oat pack Griggs Reservoir-same as Oshaunessy Alum Creek-no information Hoover--will be fishing this weekend
  2. Carpfly

    DIY Easy & Cheap Rod Organizer How-To Video

    A little more "durable" version would be to get some 1 1/2" - 2" pvc and cut some segments......just sayin'
  3. Carpfly

    First hair, thoughts?

    About 3 weeks ago I started using a simple adjustable hair rig that does not have a knot at all. I don't have a picture but I found a crude drawing (see attached). Basically it is tied similar to a regular hair but the tag end you would normally tie an over knot for the hair is, instead, doubled over to form a big loop and run back through the hook eye. Then the other end of the hook length is wrapped like you normally would around the two strands. The shorter tag end is pulled to shorten the loop and the loop is pulled to lengthen. This works great as a universal hair rig because I can go from one piece of corn to several pieces and even two boilies all on the same rig. I habe not seen any down side yet. Again sorry for the crude drawing but it gives the concept. I might try and post a few step by step pictures if anyone is interested.
  4. Looking for a transmitter/receiver for my Fox MX+ (preferably a TX-R or TX-R plus but will consider others) Shoot me a PM if you have anything. Jeff
  5. Carpfly

    WTB: Fox Micron MX+

    Purchased...thanks (not sure how to remove this post)
  6. Carpfly

    WTB: Fox Micron MX+

    Looking to upgrade my NGT alarms to Fox Microns. Anybody wanting to sell shoot me a PM. Jeff
  7. Carpfly

    Is it me......?

    I converted from fly fishing to standard carp angling in Mid July. I actually started out pretty good averaging about 4-6 fish per session. I was using corn and some homemade cornbread boilies with an oatmeal pack molded on the lead. Then about late July, we had a dry spell with significantly warmer weather. My catch rate dropped off significantly and I even blanked a few times. All my tackle has become more "proper" and I even started using commercial boilies to try and improve things but its like they got wise to my tactics. I know they are still in the area but the bites have dropped to almost nothing. Is this a hot weather slow down or did I just get lucky earlier? (confused)
  8. Carpfly

    Carp Fly Fishing Convert

    Thanks for all your input. Went last night and the best session so far. 8 carp (5 were in double digits) with largest being 18#. I had one double.....while exciting it kinda sucked at the same time. I caught most on a diy bolt rig (no roll sinker with a bobber stop/rubber bead in front of the lead with a short hook link. I molded a ball of pack bait (oats, cream corn, sweet corn, grits, corn meal, milk powder, and vanilla exract) around the lead and imbedded the hook shank in ball. Probably nothing new but thought I would share. Thanks again for all the input.....definitely getting some alarms as I had to focus 100% on the lines since it was a night session.
  9. Carpfly

    Carp Fly Fishing Convert

    Brian, Thanks for your response. I do subscribe to your channel. How do you think I caught 20 carp in just a few sessions (look at me I'm also using "carp" terminology).....I am actually using your oatmeal pack bait recipe along with some grits and milk powder for small particles and cloud effect...thanks for that. Do you have an opinion on using some "cheaper" alarms like NGT together my feet wet?
  10. Carpfly

    Carp Fly Fishing Convert

    Oh, caught this 17 lb today
  11. Carpfly

    Carp Fly Fishing Convert

    I have been following this forum for a few years and within the past few months I have really gotten into the Euro style of fishing. I arrived at this point by first getting hooked on night fishing for cats, so my equipment is currently limited to more of a catfish feel. I have already caught 20 carp in two months with this equipment and the basic of baits (corn and homemade boilies) Since I am new to this, I thought I would list my equipment and have as many people weigh in on suggestions for stuff I should really think about getting or upgrading but the last thing I need is to go overboard in another hobby. I thought fly fisherman were gadget masters until I started reading about carp angling ?. Anyway here is my list and any feedback would be appreciated: Rods: (2) 9' medium action Ugly Stik rods (haven't pulled a hook yet) Reels: Okuma Avenger Baitfeeders (2) (Haven't had any issues with these as some have reported) Net: one of those big fish nets that is probably not very scale friendly. No unhooking mat Terminal tackle: this is the only carp specific stuff I have Rod Pod: homespun PVC that seems to work adequately. No bite alarms I guess I am looking for suggestions or prioritizations of what will be truly worth acquiring or upgrading versus spending a lot of money unnecessarily. Thanks in advance and really love the forum. Jeff
  12. Carpfly

    Rods & Reels For Sale

    Fox Warrior 3.0 still avail?