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  1. I wish Jackie and Neil's Daughter my condolences. Neil was an awesome guy! I remember him for organizing and running the 1st ATC that Michael Smith and I attended. Neil was truly one of those people that made you feel welcome. He'd make sure the felt at home. That's huge when traveling on your first tournament. Thanks Neil for you dedication!!! Always the best to the mirror man.
  2. I see no rule requiring a mat nor tripod. There maybe a vague suggestion of "proper fish handling or care". But I've never fished a tournament that did not require a mat. Tournaments I've fished also always weigh every fish on a tripod. These are basic tournament procedures. Only trying to make the Big 4 better for everyone especially the fish.
  3. Why aren't unhooking mats and tripods required? Tripod gets a much more accurate weight than trying to hold a scale. Unhooking Mats protect the fish.
  4. I disagree with rule 9. "scales on a tripod in the background behind the angler and fish are not acceptable". Proper fish care is carp mesh net, weigh sling, UNHOOKING MAT, tripod, and good scale. All the aforementioned proper fish care gear should be in the CAG Big 4 rules. I don't see any sense in this new rule.
  5. Is there link to the logo and leaderboard?
  6. Hi all! We'll do a promotion soon. Join CAG for 2 or 3 years, live in MD, DC, or NoVa, and get a chance to win a drawing. Get help with your carping. CAG is the place to go. Also with your membership you'll get a 30 pounder your within the first 90 days of joining CAG!* No guarantee on a 30 pounder! Lol
  7. Oh I forgot. Dunkel I'll send you my address for you to send me the peanut butter glue and recipe. Thanks.
  8. Good to see you guys fishing and toking. Lol. What's the peanut butter concoction?
  9. Your name: Matt Latzo Your CAG forum name: Mad Chummer Your state or province of residence: MD The state or province of your FFF 2016 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence: MD
  10. Please don't delete me.
  11. Frank next I'll put up a custom set of bite indicators.
  12. First Fishing Folly or the FFF. Thanks CAG!!! THANKS Frank Rink!!! Great job for all those that braved the elements and wet a line.
  13. Frank I will donate a prize for next year.
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