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  1. JasonB

    Spy Pond (arlington) conditions?

    Hey all, I learned how to fish for carp on spy pond a while ago and I'd like to take a friend there to show him, but I remember a couple years back there was a large carp kill in the pond. Has anyone been there recently? Not sure if it's still a viable spot to catch some carp at.
  2. JasonB

    Spy Pond?

    I fish it often, as does Jerome and a few others. Last time I went was about a month ago with about 5 others for TAKC. Normally it's quite good, nothing too large, but frequent catches. However Arlington treated the water with something to kill some algae or weed, and for some reason there was a huge fish kill as a result. I don't remember much, other than about 50 carp were found dead, and we caught nothing in a day of fishing. The carp may have recovered, but I doubt it. I would wait a bit before fishing Spy Pond.
  3. JasonB


    I use in turned eyes with a barb. I think size 6. I don't think increasing hook size will help your problem. Snags are tricky I find often my problem is that the sinker got caught.
  4. JasonB

    MA CAG Fish-In Saturday August 29th?

    Lol thanks Franky
  5. Is it still for sale?
  6. JasonB

    MA CAG Fish-In Saturday August 29th?

    Had a great time today thanks for coming and thanks to all of you who helped teach me some new things. And Iain I just added a whole lot more line to that reel!
  7. normally I just use warm water and a sponge to wipe off dort and grime after each use, should I be doing more to clean the rods and reels? Should I grease the reels?
  8. JasonB


    Fair warning I'm not interested in buying. But I'm relatively new to carp fishing compared to many of you guys. I'm just curious as to what the remote is for? Is it to change volume and tone just like a normal alarm but from a difference? Whats the advantage to a remote over just manually pushing the buttons on the alarm?
  9. JasonB

    2015 Yankee Challenge - Register now!

    Doubt I could get down there, maybe when its in MA
  10. JasonB

    MA CAG Fish-In Saturday August 29th?

    I'm in! just PM me the detail I'd be glad to go