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  1. I agree with you Iain. I personally find fishing with three rods too much to deal with. When the bite is on, two rods is plenty. This is especially true when fishing with a friend or partner. 6 lines in the water in a fairly small area is just a recipe for trouble in my opinion. Compounding the problem is river fishing..... Still waters are a little more forgiving. (in my opinion). Also, I personally have never really noticed my catch rate to significantly increase when I did try to fish 3 rods. The only thing that increased was my anxiety level.... lol. Either way.... Good Lu
  2. Try using some corn meal in your mix. That helps bind things together. Fine bread crumb helps too. I use both.
  3. I would say that depends where you are fishing and what size fish you are targeting... A big river with lots of debris and structure would be a place I would use braid. Also, if the potential to land a big fish ( 25-30lbs) is present, I would go with braid too. If you are fishing "clean" lakes or ponds for medium size fish, mono is good. Also, in the cold weather Braid does freeze up faster than mono so be aware of that too. Just my opinion..... Todd
  4. Perhaps I was a bit too opportunistic and naïve in my comment from a week and a half ago... I still feel very strongly about us "getting through this" and" staying calm" but staying safe should be our main objective. Please make good decisions.... Todd
  5. No Cancellations Here! This crisis plays right into our "wheelhouse". Isolation!! lol Seriously, I wish everyone the best. We are going to get through this.. Keep Calm and carry on... Be safe
  6. Historically, here in New England, the first few weeks in October are terrific for Big fish and good numbers. But the end does come quickly. By the end of October and into early November the cooperative fish that were around just two weeks prior are no longer as easy to catch. (regardless of a steady baiting campaign) That is not to say you cannot catch them into November but you should expect the change and fewer fish. This is just a general statement and just My opinion but if you notice, the weights on the leaderboard have not changed much over the last few weeks.
  7. That fish really knows how to pose for a picture!!!! WOW!!!!! great Pic!!
  8. I too, have ground up dry dog food in the processor or blender and used it as a base mix for hand rolled boilies. You can add an egg or two to help bind and any other ingredients you desire. The possibilities are endless but like Ken, I would say no better than other simpler baits. " Everything works at some point" lol Good luck. Todd
  9. Great job to All of the contributors and everyone who put this edition together! Very Well Done Indeed! Seriously, Nice Work. 5 star ***** Todd
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