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  1. ColleenZ

    Holloway Reservoir

    Sounds good Dave. I have most weekends off.
  2. ColleenZ

    Fishing and drinking

    I am a paid member... it's just on hold for "manual approval" I'm sure there are places you can drink I just don't know the open container laws everywhere and forest preserves have alcohol bans, state parks have partial bans (allowed at the campground but not the beach).
  3. ColleenZ

    Holloway Reservoir

    I've been in Michigan for about 4 years now. But I just bought a house in Lansing so I'm officially a michigander now. I hadn't gone carp fishing in about 6 years but I took a trip up to the St. Lawrence this weekend and reminded me why I used to love it.
  4. ColleenZ

    Fishing and drinking

    Hey all, I'm heading to Illinois this weekend and I'm taking some newbies out. They are the "what do you mean you fish for carp?" Type. I'm looking for a place that we can drink and have a good time even if we blank while fishing. Anywhere in Northern Illinois would work. Any recommendations? The places I'm finding have alcohol bans.
  5. ColleenZ

    Holloway Reservoir

    I just rejoined this morning. It's been years since I've been on here. Unfortunately I'm new to michigan so I can't really help with locations.