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  1. Really looking forward to reading it!
  2. I do see where ctdaniels is coming from...it is a little disorienting considering how long we had the other format. I'm sure in time it'll work out fine. Also, why is it that when I click on previous threads it tells me they are unavailable?
  3. It arrived today and it looks great. Dean, that Mirror Carp on page 28 is the nicest one I've ever seen. What a beauty!
  4. Cool, good to know I'm not the only one lol. Thanks Chris
  5. Well my info hasn't changed so I don't see why I wouldn't get one
  6. So should I be expecting it sometime this week?
  7. Just wanted to add to the long list of Simon support! He's a great guy who runs a great business. Every order I've placed has arrived safe and on time, not to mention he's went out of his way to special order items for me he didn't have in stock. Highly recommend!
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