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  1. Hey hows it going im also new to carp fishing I live in eastern way I first got into it over in Olympia in Black lake
  2. Hey Jeff I'm camron i live in Moses Lake was now but I'm new to carp fishing just trying to find others on wa
  3. That does sound intresting. I attempted to learn to fly fish when I was in high school never really got it down. I'm from Olympia wa i used to only fish for bullhead, trout and panfish and bass. Then I saw a guy start pulling 15-30lb carp out of black lake. And I've been hooked ever since. I don't know much so I'm going through here trying to learn as much as I can. Any tips or even point to the helpful posts would be greatly appreciated.
  4. New to carp fishing. I live near Moses Lake. Anybody else in the area?
  5. Oh definitly I'm totally Down for that I'm unemployed at the moment so I'm always free. I'm always looking for someone to fish with. I really started fishing for carp for the size and I can't afford a fishing license. So I just fish for carp since I don't have one
  6. I havnt really done much carping fishing really I'm wondering what kind of baits work best around here. I'm in Moses lake I just moved from Olympia. I watched a friend of mine catch some carp in Olympia in black lake. But I'm looker for better baits to use. He only used bread and sugar
  7. Hey I'm kind of new to carp fishing I just moved to Moses lake
  8. I just moved to Moses lake and I don't know anybody that carp fishes. 

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