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  1. I;ve been trying to send a PM about ordering a Ridge Monkey toaster/ grill and your inbox must be full, it says that you can't receive messages

    1. Savayman


      Sorry just seen this. Please email me iain@saxontackle.com


  2. what kind of a deal would you give if I take both lots?

  3. I"ll take the spool of line. My address is

    Dave Marceau

    3876 W. Broad

    Dixon ,IL 61021

    Is your email still the same ?


  4. are the dates for sure (Aug. 22&23)? Need to let other people know so they don't schedule any other plans. Thanks
  5. why cant we fish to the west of the Peoria street bridge, its been open to fishing ever since you started the tournament and now its not? whats up with that? and did you know that the south side of the river by the dam (river street) is under construction so that limits more area that you fish.JMHO
  6. Will do Cory, the river is a little high rite now but hopefully it will drop by then, just hope we don't get a lot of rain!!!
  7. I have to thank Larry Kirchner for doing a great job in organizing the derby, had a lot of fun and congrats to all the participants!!! Will definitely be back next year!! Dave
  8. You're very welcome Cory, anything to help a fellow carp angler, I live close so it saved you from going to WalMart, see you in Joliet and congrats to Boo for defending his title!! Dave
  9. Thanks BCT for the prompt service ,orderd wednesday night and received my order today Thanks again, Dave Marceau
  10. Paul Is The MAN , put in my order on a wed morning and the order was on my doorstep thurs morning, very pleased with the service and prompt shipping. I'll be ordering from Wacker for a long time to come!!!!!! THANKS PAUL!!!!
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