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  1. ernest-karp

    Boilies $ 5.99 Per Lb

    Hot Deal WCB Boilies per $ 5,99 per Lb
  2. Ernest...Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day.

  3. Group A -Henry Burza -Matthew Bryja -Ed Montgomery -Andy Burnagiel Group B -Tracy Jourdan -Greg Zaliszewski -Luke Bober -Thomas Falaszewski Group C -Ernest Kolodziejczyk -Marcin Szydlowski -Frank Rink -Mirek Malej Group D -Ioan Jacob -Adam Holodok -Kris Motwicki -Mike Olinger
  4. ernest-karp

    6Th Winter Carp League 2011-12

    Sunday, October 22, 2011 there will be a group assignment held in Starbucks in Dominick's Store. Anyone would like to attend please come around 7pm. Starbucks. 1900 South Cumberland Ave. Park Ridge, IL 60068
  5. ernest-karp

    6Th Winter Carp League 2011-12

    hello All, we have now 13 paid anglers: Tom Falaszewski confirmed his presence yesterday. we have 3 more spots to 16 anglers and 5 people not official confirmed I remind that whoever confirms first gets into official list immediately. When we get a group of 16anglers confirmed. We will expand it to 20 only if 4 more anglers attend. So Tracy, Mirek, Lukas W, Jacob and Rafal, are you in?
  6. 1. FRANK RINK 2. ERNEST KOLODZIEJCZYK 3. MARCIN SZYDLOWSKI 4. LUKE BOBER 5. HENRY BURZA 6. ADAM HOLODOK 7. MATTHEW BRYJA 8. MIKE OLINGER 9. ED MONTGOMERY 10. ANDY BURNAGIEL 11. KRIS MOTWICKI 12. GREG ZALISZEWSKI 13. THOMAS FALASZEWSKI 14. TRACY JOURDAN 15. MIREK MALEJ 16. IOAN IACOB LIST OF PARTICIPANTS OFFICIALLY CLOSED There is a possibility of letting 4 more anglers to fish in the league, but just when we have 4 more of them. We want to keep the same number of people in each group. If anyone interested please contact us immediately. We start fishing next Sunday!!! So hurry up!!! 1. LUKE WEGIEL 2. ................................. 3. ................................. 4. .................................
  7. So it is the high time to officially confirm that there will be 6th time for the winter league! We want to start on October 30, 2011 at 7am with the first group. Finish on April 29, 2012 with the last group. Award Ceremony on May6th, 2012 in a place given later. Detailed Schedule for the season: group A – 10.30.2011/11.27.2011/1.8.2012/2.5.2012/3.4.2012/4.1.2012 group B – 11.6.2011/12.4.2011/1.15.2012/2.12.2012/3.11.2012/4.15.2012 group C - 11.13.2011/12.11.2011/1.22.2012/2.19.2012/3.18.2012/4.22.2012 group D - 11.20.2011/12.18.2011/1.29.2012/2.26.2012/3.25.2012/4.29.2012 there are two breaks for Christmas/New Year and Easter. We plan to have 4 groups with 4-5 anglers in each group however each group must have the same number of anglers attending. so 16 anglers or 20. for more info please contact us: contact@wintercarpleague.com since we are in the middle of moving to the new computer system all the inforamtion /news will be shared on CAG Forum and through emails. so who signs up first?????
  8. add please Ernest K to the list we cannot miss that!
  9. ernest-karp

    Winter Carp League - News!

    hey guys, I'd like to ask you to send me pictures asap. Ernest made a private gallery for each participants. If you click the picture in the leaderboard the gallery will pop out! So send as many pics as you can:) congratulation on first session winnings!!! Magdalena
  10. ernest-karp

    Winter Carp League - News!

    Frank, it will be ok to fish there till the end of October. First session starts November 7th so a "week of silence" is enough. By that rule I meant to not fish between sessions during the league. BTW if anybody goes there to prefish please do a short write up with the pictures and I publish it on the website. thanks
  11. ernest-karp

    Winter Carp League - News!

    Pre - Winter Carp League Venue Fishing more info here
  12. ernest-karp

    Winter Carp League - News!

    yes the groups have been assigned! I'd like to ask all participants to carefully look into our calendar to make sure that you show up at the right session It lasts less than a month until we start the league so let's get ready for it! and also I would like to thank Paul Sander today for all of his efforts to keep everybody updated here at the forum. Without you Paul we couldn't do that so thank you so much Magda
  13. ernest-karp

    pop ups for sale

    not at this time, maybe in a future
  14. ernest-karp

    pop ups for sale

    hello carp anglers, one more flavor from the limited serie: shellfish; color: white marbled with brown; size: 16mm possible free delivery to Oconto, Wisconsin Tornament
  15. ernest-karp

    pop ups for sale

    World Classic Baits just launched three new flavors of pop ups in very limited quantities. White Chocolate Anise Tutti de Mare - Squid price: Just $7.00 each jar check worldclassicbait.com for more details. thank you for using our products, WorldClassicBaits Team