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  1. Larry H

    Rock River

    That entire section of the Rock (above and below Lake Koshkonong) has always produced some nice fish. I haven't fished it in several years. When I did, it was always near the outlet of the lake. It's just a bit closer for me coming off the interstate.
  2. Larry H

    Rock River

    I finally progressed enough, after shoulder surgery, to get out for a short session this morning. I covered all the proper bait makers with a mix of panko (GFS), sea salt (Shnucks), CS corn (Aldi), fruity peach (K-1), shrimp powder (Valli Produce), and 4-season corn (WCB). I wasn't sure what team hat or shirt to wear so I just slipped on my Polonia Carp Team sweatshirt for the first hour and took "Mr. Glock" along for a companion. First fish of the day was a very rare (for these waters) partial mirror. Eight commons and three suckers were also banked before my limited bait supply was exha
  3. I had to call the help line for GFS but did find it available. It is listed under "Japanese bread crumbs" w/ item # 903463. (25# / $27.49) They show it not being stocked in the warehouse but can be ordered from the supplier w/ a time frame of 2 to 6 wks. I know for a fact that it was in their warehouse last year and I got it in a couple of days. They said they would call me when it arrives.
  4. I think it's 05015-25
  5. I stopped at GFS this AM to order my seasonal supply of panko and was told they no longer carry it in anything larger than 3#. Does anyone have another source for something like a 25 or 50 pound bag?
  6. I got to take my grand daughter, Isabella on her first fishing adventures this week. She now thinks carping is way more fun than just feeding the ducks. Sure wish she lived a lot closer to the midwest.
  7. How many are entered in the "pro'" division and how many do you expect? Based on last year's entrants, 20 participants would seem to be on the high side?
  8. That figures!!! We had really dense fog early in the morning. Got nailed w/ another heavy storm around 4P. Glad it worked out OK for you guys.
  9. FYI..Lee is running a tournament/fish-in on the 29th at Kewaunee, Wi
  10. This is a venue on my bucket list. Since the Rock is going to be too high & muddy for a week or more, I think I'll do my "once every three years tournament" and join you guys. It's got to be better than that dang pit Cory has been trying!! LOL
  11. Sounds like you had your own, last weekend. Congrats on the nice fish!
  12. Frank...I just setup my Horizon w/ an extra set of alarms and use the MK2's for 80% of my bank time....the Rock. The Delks /D-locks/swingers go on the Sky pod for long sessions. If you find a solution, please post it.
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