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Found 2 results

  1. Cap barbel request

    Hi all! I have a simple request; can ya'll send me a photo, with a weight and length, of any common carp you catch with fan-shaped/branched barbels?....I have now caught 5, all from the same location so far and I am trying to see if this is a step-up in evolution of carp barbels-branching to gain surface area and increase success of finding food-maybe pressure from less food in the waterway?...anyway-just seein if anyone out there has caught carp with similar barbels-appreciate any help!!......MO Carper..........
  2. Unusual carp barbels

    Hi all! Caught this carp yesterday at a new swim (just trying to pile up spots for FFF 2017!)....slammed the bait and popped the pole off the bank sticks!...Great first run like a summer carp!- 6lb 4 oz, but when I looked at the head, both sets of lower barbels have developed what appears to be sensory extensions!- both upper barbels were split as well-since it is all symmetrical and identical on both sides, I don't think it is a results of trauma-the tissue is too uniform and unbroken/scarred. To me it appears to be a step-up in, or throwback to an earlier version where the ancestors had more polyp-shaped barbels or local environmental adaptation?........anyone seen anything like this?- It also had an elongated ventral lobe of the tail-sickle-shaped in a way.........I've looked through all my photos and photos of carp online, books, etc......I placed a photo of what I normally see ( last week's carp) and yesterday's............He/she is back in the water and maybe more babies will look like this?- or she will grow to monstrous proportions in a few years!!!.... all thoughts welcomed!!