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Found 7 results

  1. First MN carp of 2018

    Finally had a day above 35 degrees but wind was blowing at 20mph. Head out to a warm water discharge on the Mississippi for a few hours. The bass fishermen were out in full force, wading halfway down the river as far as my eyes could see. I found a shallow stretch between 2 groups of wading bass guys and set up. Quickly realized the ground was like quick sand, hence the other angers were avoiding that area. Lost an absolute beast close to shore when it went around a large rock and cut the braid clean. Was able to land this beauty soon afterwards. The length was along the same as my 42" net frame so I would think it weighed around 20lb. Quick pic and release while my boots were stuck in the deep mud.
  2. Minnesota Fish In. July 29

    The MN Fish In has been on the calendar for a while. If anyone of you are able to make it, just let me know. Fish in will be in Litchfield MN (July 29) . We plan to start by 7am and can fish into the evening. It's at a private residence (CAG member's cabin) so if you are coming, just call/message/text me me and I can send you the address. It is a free even. If anyone needs to borrow tackle/rods/bait, just let me know. Aniq: 507 269 7732
  3. Back to carpin!!

    Here we go!..........90 minutes to fish and caught a nice 8lb 12ozer, then this channel cat that literally leapt 2 feet straight into the air!!!............It is heavier than any individual we caught last week in Minnesota!!!!....
  4. I would like to hear from anyone who has successfully overturned the rod rule in their state. What is the proper way to start a petition, which will not be ignored by DNR? 1. I have chatted with quite a few DNR officers on bank. Even they seem surprised that I release carp. They don't seem to want to stop the illegal killing and dumping of carp carcasses in public trash cans since carp are "invasive" and the "devil" 2. I have emailed and called DNR and talked about the proper process for petitioning for a 3 or even 2 rod rule. I have also written to a couple of state officials and also the DNR (via mail). Here is what they have told me: a ) There is NO intention to change the 1 rod rule b ) MN DNR is struggling with declining walleye/bass population. The cost of stocking/restocking panfish is soaring. They fear that allowing more than 1 rod will simply result in people poaching more fish in general, at a time when controlling poaching is a failing effort . What are your thoughts? When it comes to the 1 rod rule, DNR does not care whether you are fishing for game fish or rough fish (true game fish). I am willing to try new methods of trying to state my case. I know of a couple of catfish guys who started a petition a while back, but it was truly ignored. My aim is to allow using at least 2 rods to fish from shore.
  5. New to the site

    Hey, I'm new to the site and looking for fellow carp anglers around my area of Anoka. Just wanting to talk spots and baits, and possibly meet up!
  6. Reminder:Minnesota Fish In this Saturday. Message. Contact me if you are able to make it. Brownton/Hutchinson area.
  7. MN carp enthusiast here!

    Just joined the site last week. I'm in the north west suburbs of Minneapolis (Champlin/Brooklyn Park area). Have been carping for year years and am loving it. While most guys are trying to catch walleyes in this state, I prefer my canvas chair and a good book, while waiting for my reels to start screaming. Am always up for meeting new carp fishermen/women. I normally fish the Mississippi (north suburbs, saint paul etc). Near really had good luck fishing the lakes for carp. I also enjoy fishing for large catfish, bowfin, northern's etc. Pretty much anything that put's up a good fight. Fish like me because they get to go back home and watch tv after I release them.....