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  1. Lol Larry. Police did locate 6 or so of my rods at a pawn shop. Will hopefully pick them up tomorrow and find out how beat up they are.
  2. All the pawn shops verify against police reports. I am checking craigslist in the 100 mile radius,along with fb marketplace,eBay,Offer Up. These idiots have no idea what they stole. I probably will never recover my stuff but it will be interesting to see how the insurance adjuster handles the case.
  3. I didn't think the casting was amazing but they are awesome to play fish . if you are fishing around 70-100 yards consistently, they are great. I mean, they were,since they are gone now
  4. Just got home and my garage lock was drilled out in the 5 hrs I was out. Every carp rod, Spod rod, nets,brollies, reels etc is gone. No, storing all gear inside the apartment was not an option.Police report filed. Now to start checking craigslist and pawnshops to see if anything shows up. Hopefully insurance claim goes through. If anyone sees these up for sale,let me know: 2 Greys X - Flite 13 ft 3.5tc rods, 2 Free Spirit CTX 3.25 12 ft rods with cork handle, 2 Resistance Lightning 12 ft rods, 2 Mad dragon 3.25 12 ft rods, 1 NGT Spod rod, 2 Wychwood Exorcist big pit reels, 2 Okuma Aveng
  5. What an amazing venue! Fishing was tough but we did a ton of research and got lucky in the peg draw both days. Special thanks to Cesar/Christian for letting us borrow bait/cart etc . A huge shout out to the organizers/hosts/fellow anglers for making this a really fun trip. Us MN guys had luck on our side this year....what will happen next year?? 🙂
  6. From MN: Aniq Sajjad and Max Boltman will be there
  7. Welcome to the group! The MN carp angling community is definitely growing and we are always looking to meet other anglers. 90% of my fishing is done on the Mississippi river as well. Back in the day I attended college in Northfield MN so I fished the Cannon River for quite a few years. Are you in the twin cities? Lake Billesby was commercially fished out a few years ago. I also think they put up some fish barriers over there. There are also places where you can fish in winter since it has open water. Hope to hear more from you Aniq
  8. The Minnesota Fall fish in was a huge success. 8 anglers banked 45+ carp up to 20 lbs. A special Thank You to Devin Lamm and Scott Baird for helping a first time angler learn the ropes and catch his first carp, which turned out to be a 20 lb warrior. 1st place medal: Sebastian. He was simply at the park with his brother and decided to check out what we were doing. Note: Permission to post his pictures was granted by his older brother. 2nd place medal: Devin Lamm. Landed a lot of nice fish and helped out a newcomer learn the ropes. Plus he brought in a lot of refreshments 🙂. Sorry you
  9. Thank you to the 12 brave anglers who made it to the MN Summer fish-in. Heavy rain up north resulted in the water level rising 5-6 feet and the 400 yards of fishable bank space was pretty much all submerged. We had to wade out to cast and lost a ton of fish to snags and floating debris. Even in tough conditions, we landed 16 carp, 1 buffalo (and a lot of channel cats) Congratulations to Max for landing a 17.5 lb fish and taking the 1st place medal Congratulations to Nathan for landing 3 carp (and a lot of cats) in the 5 hours he fished. He got 2nd place
  10. Adjustable zigs are something I want to try soon. 90% of my zig fishing is done with simple popups or a piece of fake corn/foam.I do not like using flavoring/using goo on my zigs. For my style of fishing, the fact that something is floating mid water is more important than it having a scent trail. I have watched fish come up to highly scented popups and move away. Same zig with a plain popup caught multiple fish that day.
  11. boat props? grazed by an arrow? I've caught commons with a missing gill plate before and thought it was from people picking them up by the gills and then releasing them with damaged gill plates...which might fall off. Following...
  12. Mike Bold! Hope to see you on the bank this year
  13. Finally had a day above 35 degrees but wind was blowing at 20mph. Head out to a warm water discharge on the Mississippi for a few hours. The bass fishermen were out in full force, wading halfway down the river as far as my eyes could see. I found a shallow stretch between 2 groups of wading bass guys and set up. Quickly realized the ground was like quick sand, hence the other angers were avoiding that area. Lost an absolute beast close to shore when it went around a large rock and cut the braid clean. Was able to land this beauty soon afterwards. The length was along the same as my 4
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