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Hello All,

If you are reading this you have found your way to the new Fundraiser Trading section. Please read the disclaimer above.

This section is purely for the purpose of raising funds for the club either by putting items up for bid or by bidding on items.

If you have an item that you believe is worth something to another sportsman then please consider helping the club out and put it up for bid.


Please follow the few simple rules and recomendations that are set forth:

1. If your putting an item up for bid please do your best to describe the item and the condition it is in. Also include pictures if possible.

2. If your putting an item up for bid we recomend that you open the bid up with a minimum bid that will cover your shipping costs.

3. If your putting an item up for bid please set the date and time to 8pm ET of the following Friday. Instructions below.

4. When bidding ends at 8pm ET the first bidder posting the highest amount will win that item and will be expected to pay in a timely fashion the agreed amount.

5. After the individual has recieved payment from the bidder, they are then expected to keep the shipping costs of the item and send the rest to our Paypal address or in certain cases other forms of payment can be worked out.

Paypal Address: customerservice@carpanglersgroup.com

6. If you are bidding on an item and looking to outbid the highest bidder you must submit a bid with a minimum of $1.

7. Have fun and thank you for the support you offer the club.

Instructions on how to set the time/date:

Click on the Edit button of your original post in that thread. Then click on "Use Full Editor".

Then look for "Options" - "Click to configure post options"

You can set the Date / Time the topic will Closed to the following Friday at 8pm ET. That way it closes on time without you having to remember.

Click this link to WATCH this section!!! "WATCH THIS SECTION"

Payments can be made on the Forum Index Page or in your "Client Area"



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