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Wacker B & T

Compulsion Baits From World Classic & Wacker B&t

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Dr. Patrick Mills is the chemist responsible for the deveolpment of BioSource and BioStim, two products that are PROVEN to stimulate feeding and to increase the number of takes. The pie chart shows the results of a "blind" experiment - a two-fold increase in bites with BioStim.

Wacker B&T has offered ground baits with BioSource for several years. They have been successful baits but do have one shotcoming - it is a little too easy to over stimulate the fish. The carp become very active but tend to overlook your bait. BioStim has solved this problem, it is impossible to overstimulate the fish.

World Classic Baits and Wacker Bait & Tackle are very honored to by the US suppliers of baits and bait products formulated with BioSource and BioStim, the Compulsion product line.

World Classic Compulsion Boiles will be available at the CCC in three flavors; Pineapple, Sweet Corn and Tutti Frutti.

Wacker Compulsion Sweet Corn Pips will be available in two new and highly effective flavors, Whiskey and Chili-Garlic.

Supplies are very limited at present but these should be widely available before too long.




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