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  1. The Metropolitan Planning Council and The Friend's of the Chicago River are seeking feedback on how to make Chicago's rivers more attractive and accessible. The various branchs of the Chicago River are exceptional places to fish for carp and the 70 or so other species present. But bank access is rare and is getting rarer every year. I urge every Chicago area angler to take the survey at GreatRiversChicago.com and to let them know of the need for bank access.
  2. Paul PezallaCarp Weight: 9-0 MirrorTime of Capture: 12:41 AM 1/1/2014Air Temp: 14 FWater Temp: 40 F
  3. Paul PezallaCarp Weight: 9-0 MirrorTime of Capture: 12:41 AM 1/1/2014Air Temp: 14 FWater Temp: 40 F
  4. Wacker Bait & Tackle will match the deal.
  5. Paul Pezalla Wacker Illinois
  6. This has been a tough month for fishing, maybe the worst ever. As of this morning, the last day of the month, I had not caught a carp all month. It looked like my streak of catching Chicago-area carp would end at 156 months. Yesterday after work, I went to the Chicago River, fished for about an hour in freezing rain before I had to leave for another commitment. No fish. Dumped about 3 gallons of Wacker Sinking Fish Pellets and 3 cans of Cream Caramel Pescaviva corn into the river before leaving. Went back this morning, side hooked 2 kernels of the Pescaviva corn on a #10 thin wire hook, pinched on a small shot and dropped it into the baited spot. 30 minutes later a nice 8-10 lb fish and the streak continues.
  7. The Chicagoland Fishing, Travel & Outdoor Expo is this weekend at the Schaumburg Convention Center. Unlike recent shows in the Chicago area, this one will a good number of manufacturers booths. Daiwa will have a big presence and will be showing all their carp gear. See it there and buy it at Wacker.
  8. The fish was named "Fish of the Week" by Dale Bowman, Chicago Sun Times. http://www.suntimes.com/sports/outdoors/16811412-452/1205-fish-of-the-week.html
  9. We have just lised loads of items at discounts up to 25% and sometimes even higher. Check them out!
  10. A beautiful Chicago River monster taken by Andy Klocek on Thanksgiving day. 38-7 edging out the previous record by 5 ounces.
  11. That puts a different spin on it and is not what I intended.
  12. Money does not guide any of my decisions, Rodman. I have run the CCC for more years than I can count and I am tired. I would love to have it stay in Chicago, would probably continue to host the maize boil and would certainly support it in many other ways.
  13. Fish are rarely even ditributed along a mile+ of shoreline. Last year there were 61 pegs. The active ones were 3, 20, 36, 37, 39 and 54. Not the same as 2012.
  14. Just received a shipment of Daiwa's new QD reel.Very nice, solid reel. Has a lot in common with the popular Windcast but at a price point that many anglers will find attractive. I believe Wacker Bait & Tackle in the first store in the country to get them. Order now and be a trendsetter!
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