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  1. First and most directly related to the thread. I found the meat to be quite good. Only had it once as I was learning about carp in general but still good. I ignorantly just filleted the carp like I would a normal large mouth or bluegill(hindsight I see better ways to prepare them). Fried it the same way as well. Small bones but in my opinion nothing to worry about or try to go around. Second and not related in reference to the above. Rationality and reality are often confused by the human brain. As we like to tell ourselves one thing when there is clear evidence of another. I will say that you are likely to be more correct than you are not in the 'torture' process called catch and release. However that is a far step from what you are telling yourself about your 'reality.' That fact is that your Hunting and Gathering skills are NOT AT ALL necessary in this world if you are using a computer to post your thoughts on eating types of meat. You can tell yourself what you do is so much better however I would be more likely to put us on an even playing field. Torturing for brief periods in numbers or killing small numbers. If I have taken you out of context or I have misunderstood the point of the first half of your post please let me know. If you would like to have a personal conversation on the matter I would love to hear your thoughts more on why catch and release is bad or why we rationalize it to be ok. Or even on the topic of hunting and gathering as possibly being a necessity in the world today as I am genuinely curious of all opinions that are not my own. On another secondary note. Your review of carp was fantastic. I don't have the proper level of intelligence or experience to think of or speak of any meat or food to that level.
  2. Although I am not near PA. I can say that my first 6-12 attempts at carp were fairly to very unsuccessful. I personally think why I did so poorly was because of my rigs starting out and not having them set up properly. However I may have just not been anywhere near where the fish wanted to be either. Seems like a no brainer but spend some time really looking for the fish if possible. The first few times I went to my local river I just sat at the easiest spot. Which of course does not always go well.
  3. Not to try and compete with FJR1 or anything. However I will be adding a $75 gift card to Big Carp Tackle. I would like this to be mini raffle for all who has 0 catches. In the case that everyone catches it will be added to to the smallest fish category. If there is one. Let me know if this ok by you Blacksheep!
  4. Just a random thought I guess as I look back on some of the comments here. I got into carp fishing through bow fishing. Yes I shot carp(both common and asian) for no particular reason as much as I hate to say it. However one day I thought man I am getting some big guys out of here! I wonder if anyone has tried to catch them. SO I set upon myself a challenge of catching a 20lb+ on rod and reel. It took me almost two years.....two years to reach a goal I had done with other fish in weeks or months. I can't say I condone bow fishing for carp. However I cannot throw it under the bus either. If it got me to the point that I will never shoot a carp with a bow again I can't help but think maybe it will do the same to others. Besides what better way is there to convince someone to make a change when you can relate to them and say I used to do that as well. I mean isn't that how AA works? My apologies if I ruffle some people's feathers with the comment just my two pennies is all.
  5. Although fairly irrelevant I ended up joining CAG, had to make a new profile. Question though is it possible to donate some stuff to this event? Won't be anything major mind you but it always more fun with more free stuff involved!
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