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  1. I haven't hit Lock and Damn 14 yet. I've been trying out the IL side of the Mississippi as the access is a bit easier. IA side tends to have some serious rip-rap that I don't fee like climbing 20 ft down to try to fish. I've been digging through some of the DNR maps of MacBride and made a visit once but was just to look around. Hit me up if you planning on coming to the Quad Cities sometime, I'm also down to try out the IC area too.
  2. I've added some to mine before but I don't go too crazy with them. If I do add them I'll add about 20-25 15mm crushed boilies to my mix. I'm probably making about 3 lb batches. Be careful if you add them right before you plan on fishing though, they will be hard and may get caught up on your hook point if you're using them on method leads. If you wait about 24 hours or more they tend to soak up some of the moisture in the mix and get kind of creamy (which I prefer) and are a bit easier to use. Ymmv.
  3. 30# Power Pro braid but I'm thinking on changing to mono. Any suggestions?
  4. Last weekend I dipped my toe into the zig water as the last few times I've been out I've seen carp just cruising around and not stopping to feed. I thought if I could get something in front of them I would increase my chances of hooking a fish up. Low and be hold I caught a sweet 4 lb channel cat on a 6' zig in about 12' of water (manilla pop-up with Buttercorn Goo as hookbait). Obviously not the fish I was targeting but it gave me confidence that the rig would work for fish cruising mid column. The venue I have been fishing has either gradual drop offs to water about 16' deep or extreme
  5. Quad Cities, along the Mighty Mississippi.
  6. I've been looking at venues in MO for late summer or fall. Could be a possibility!
  7. Great tips everyone! Really appreciate the help. This is my first spring chasing carp so I don't know what to expect coming out of winter. I have been working on walking the venue a bit 30-40 mins before I lug my kit around and set up. Going to add some methods and fake corn into the mix here soon, as I'm fairly sure these carp haven't seen a pop-up or boilie in their lives, hah. Dough bait on a hair worked for me last fall so that will be on the menu also. Again, thanks for all the info, I'm trying to soak up all this knowledge!
  8. James Salsbury

    IA Carpin'

    Hoping I'm not the only one chasing them in IA. Do I have to lead the charge? IA carpers chime in here. I'm located in Davenport.
  9. Looking for tips on how to fish new venues. Have a few lakes that the DNR has listed as having commons but the recent weather hasn't allowed them to show due to wind and multiple cold fronts moving through. Water depth ranges from about 3'-36' in the deepest areas. What should I be looking for or targeting to find them? Fast drop offs or shallows? Water temp is finally starting to stay above 32 for the next few days, thank goodness spring may be here.
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