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  1. Hi David, my name is Christian and I moved over to SC about 7 years ago from Europe as well and still live in Simpsonville. Love it here!! I have been fishing a few lakes around here - lake Craig, Greenwood, James, Jones, Murray ... and finally landed a few beautiful commons at lake hartwell two weeks ago (... what a relieve after all the grass carps around here 🙂 ) If u like just shoot me an email at pranghec@gmail.com. Maybe we can grab a cold one and do some carp talk? Would be great since I am always enjoying my hobby alone so far ... Thanks and greetings christian
  2. Hello Ya’ll! My name is Christian and I live and work (I work as a purchasing guy in the automotive industry) in Simpsonville SC upstate since almost 6 years. Originally from Germany I am hooked on carp fishing since the late nineties and with some breaks I brought finally my rods and tackle over trying to find good lakes and spots in the upstate. Lake greenwood and lake croft have been my main lakes so far producing especially lots of grass carps. However, I am still searching for a good venue but find it difficult as water access is often private. I would be happy to get some hints and would also be glad to find someone sharing this hobby with me (since my girlfriend is not overly exited of beeping alarms at 2 AM in the morning). Since this is my first post I am exited about my new membership at CAG and I am looking forward to any response! Thanks and tight lines Chris
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