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  1. Here is a 45" common carp caught on the Delaware River with a 9" chunck of cow liver wrapped really good with dental floss on a big ole striper baitholder. Gear used was my Striper setup. 12 foot Tsunami 5 Star, 30 pound Power Pro braid, 100 lb barrel swivel, 3 ounce pyramid weight on a big clip swivel and the leader I use is 40 lb Silver Thread copolymer leader. Striper in my part of the river get up to 90 lbs (landlocked) but the closest I have got to landing one in the 70-90lb range was going to gill grab a giant like that and getting a huge head shake and she came off. It's common on the deep holes north of Easton PA and South of Portland PA to have striper come out of nowhere to whack a 5 lb smallie you are fighting in. Huge cows follow up the shad run and stay in the river. I have seen 200 lb Atlantic Sturgeon in these parts as well. One dude fought a giant bull shark just south of the Easton V-dam when the river was up high. He lost it. Tight lines people!!!
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